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Beaver Believer

greg-robinsonI do own the  Pac 10! Actually I just get good information. Since my sources told me about Greg Robinsons motivational tactics , for the beavers , and how they are really playing well for him , I have not stopped betting the Beavs, and they are underdogs in every game. Why would anyone take Stanford in that game Saturday Night? If you have done the homework on Stanford, you would never lay 16 points, I told you all who called, That line was off by 10 points, according to my info, and that is WHY I gave it to you for FREE, in the post below, so everyone could win!  2-1 In the Pac -10 saturday, wazzu blew it in final minutes , BUT winning bets everyday, just email MYfootballJesus@yahoo.com .

NFL Week 11- Say Cheese!

packerMore FREE winners Sunday! Last Sunday the Free pick was a winner on the Patriots! I  gave it to everyone FREE- I posted it here for everyone.

The Free picks are on a  5-3 run, MY four Prime Time underdog bets Saturday night went 4-0 , the lines were off by 7-8 points in all of em. Houston+4, Boston College+7, Colorado +17, and Vandy+4

 Sunday I Have FOUR great bets in the NFL that Will get the money for us all. I bet these myself, if you dont bet these- Don’t bet at all.

and dont forget the Sunday Night and Monday Night bets which are my best picks each week! email me to get the premium bets Sunday and Monday!  MyFootballJesus@Yahoo.com,

My Sunday Night-Monday record is now at 31-10.


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Free Pick : Green Bay Packers-3

Football Friday- The November Stretch

More Free winners this weekend! Last week I gave everyone my biggest win of the day-FOR FREE- the Florida Gators and Thursday’s Free pick Denver+3 wins outright and so did the biggest game of the night UTAH+2 !!

 This week I have three bets JUST AS BIG!  Saturday  begins the final push for teams to  get into he BCS bowls.  I have found  the best value on the board! Three games where the point spread is off by at least 7-9 points.

Get these 3 games with  ALL of the best bets i make , including the NFL Sunday and Monday, email MyFootballJesus@yahoo.com .

NO games of year, no 50 star locks, just good information from me. I  actually bet these games here in Las Vegas.

Free Pick for Saturday : North Carolina Tarheels -4

Call Me the Monday Night Maverick

Free Monday WINNER! Over all a 5-1-1 day on Sunday. The last 2 weeks’ NFL picks are 10-3-1.  I hate losing, so i work hard not to. Almost 3000 bettors came to this site looking for winnners this past weekend, 

 Sunday Dallas Delivered part of my 4 plays with The Dolphins+1 , Saints+3, and Lions +8 –all came in.   The late games Pitt-3, and Browns +7, and Tulsa-25, were 2-1.

I lost on Saturday, But bounced back Sunday- I have a solid bet for Monday Night, good match up- good teams. and the last 5 mondays have all been 2-0 ! If you have been following, and getting the plays, your weeks- like mine, have finished on the plus side.  Get Tonite’s pick FREE, at MyFootballJesus@yahoo.com , along with  Tuesday’s college bet, and next weekends full schedule. 

the Sunday Night and Monday Winners, which are now 25-6 on the season !

  1. Aug 3, Redskins-4 HOF game, W
  2. Aug 12, Packers-3 L
  3. Aug 17, Patriots-1, L, Lions+3 W
  4. Aug 18 Giants Pk W
  5. Aug 24 Bills+6 W
  6. Aug 25 Seahawks +5 W
  7. Aug 31, Colorado-12, W
  8. Sept 1  UCLA+14 W
  9. Sept 7 Bears +10, W
  10. Sept 8, Broncos W, PackersW, Under L
  11. Sept 14, Browns+7 W
  12. Sept 15, Cowboys L , OVER W
  13. Sept 21. Cowboys-3, W
  14. Sept 22 Chargers-8, W OVER W
  15. Sept. 29 Eagles-3   L
  16. Sept 30 Ravens +6  W, Over W
  17. Oct 5, Steelers+6  W
  18. Oct 6 Vikings+3 W, OVER W
  19. Oct  13 Patriots+6  L
  20. Oct 14 Browns+8, W OVER W
  21. Oct 19 Seahawks+11 W
  22. Oct 20 Patriots-3 W Over 47 W
  23. oct 26  TULSA -25-W

YOU NEED to win on Monday, get the best information, by calling me, Mondays are my strongest bets of the week. – Don’t miss it!  NO 50 star LOCKS or Games of the month- just good information… email MyfootballJesus@yahoo.com 

Football Saturday Biggest Play tonight!

People have complained that I don’t give out my bets  early enough in the day. Well, I’m sorry.

I am not a sports “service”  I am a handicapping consultant, and professional bettor, -I do provide consulting for various bettors in and outside of Las Vegas.  I do this on a personal level, depending on individual needs.

Yes, if you contact me I can HELP depending on what you need.  Let me know and we will talk.  I do not like losses.  So i’m sorry if wait I  till late to make a winning bet. You can too. Contact me and I will get you in. The comp plays help everyone.

Friday continued  our winning run into the weekend, the baseball games went 2-1, and in football  the Raiders+ 4 came in .  Our pre season record is now 10-4-1  at 71%, and tonight is very good value play that will be the biggest bet of the Pre Season so far. As always I will have some others as well.

Lets have  great Saturday!

It’s Only Pre-Season, But a Good Start

Well, it’s only pre-season football, but with the redskins win last night we are off to a good start, I have always liked Jim Zorn, and i’m rooting for him to do well..The Colts did what they wanted to last night, and by the 4th quarter didnt want to risk any injuries, typical Tony Dungy in August!  So a nice win for me on the Redskins, and i will have info and winning bets by Thursday’s game .  For those of you who bet pre season, contact me for the winners, i can text them to you right up till gametime.