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NBA Play Offs !

football Jesus NBA picks 12-4While baseball bets continue to do well for me in Vegas ..There is always money to be made in the NBA play offs, and Round One was another good one  for us bettors in Vegas and I have More Good bets coming in rounds 2 and 3 before we get to the finals..   Memphis will be a good opportunity to make some money and could make it to the Finals where they likely face the Miami Heat… i will text out my best bets EACH day for the rest of may, if you would like to get them .. just let me know.

NBA Play Off bets for Round 2

Another Free pick I posted wins Sat with Mariners – In the NBA we cashed a free pick THUR when the Thunder won the series with Denver..On to Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs, wheremy bets have been terrific in vegas all month, finishing 70% in April, and 69% in 2011…Sunday should be a good one with HEAT/Celtics Thunder/Grizzlies.. i will have series bets on these, plus others starting MON…I have several FUTURE bets still alive on a few teams…

Most Big money bettors in Vegas like to bet Under in NBA playoff games, but me and others usually wait until after Gm 1 to hit those for big dollars. game 1 in NBA series usually a faster pace than 2-7 & refs call more fouls early than later on in series when games have more pressure. Many big money bettors I know in vegas like the Mavs in the series…I will certainly be taking them as a dog in few games, but smart guys are 50/50 on series, I think NBA wants Thunder win and play the –Lakers and thats how the calls will go through series with Memphis. I certainly don’t want to lay BIG pts with OKC. Free pick : Take the HEAT to win series with Boston.

Closing out First round in NBA Playoffs

Free picks went 1-1 on Sunday, losing the total I bet but cashing in the Hornets …Overall in April Basketball has very good me in Vegas hitting 25-9 so far…So Far im not worried about my future bet on Lakers to advance,my Free plays on Thunder to advance looks good Orlando is behind, but I will come back  Tues with HAWKS+ points..My future bet on Celtics closed out Knicks, Memphis+345  has a good chancen to cash in vs Spurs, & Blazers/Mavs are tied, Mostly I have been betting totals in the 1st few games of the opening round, with UNDERS doing very well.

Baseball 2011- Are you Ready to Win ?

Baseball is Back on Thursday..Last year I gave you FREE picks on GIANTS to win NLCS and World Series…Free pick for 2011 : I bet Yankees UND 91.5 wins

Baseball is an EVERYDAY bet for me, but if you can handle it ,I can text you my bets EACH day from vegas.

YOU have to get the BEST information from a REAL bettor in vegas and ride along to win  Looking ahead to this week- It almost all NBA from here on out, My NBA bets are 33-12 in March..ready to rock on in APRIL.


Time For Tip Off for the NCAA Tourney

ANOTHER Free winner Monday night on the Miami Heat…Free Basketball picks I posted now 18-5-1 , and you can get em by text message…

This Year the Tourny Starts EARLY..YES Tuesday/Wed games in NCAA ..Contact me  if u want to get on the TEXT list for all BEST bets I make in vegas for the next THREE WEEKS- I open the list up every March so everyone can win..YOU have to get the BEST information from a REAL bettor in vegas and ride along to win

Free Basketball Picks 14-3 in 2011

Another Free win Monday night as the Nets cover the points in OT ! If you bet $300 on every basketball FREE pick I posted- bets I actually make in Vegas-you would have a profit of $3210 in 2011, heading into the MOST profitable month of the basketball season- MARCH !

Last March 2010:

NCAA conf Tournaments 2010 : 31-13-1 70% ATS
NCAA Tournament 2010 : 24-11 69%

They NEVER Call Football Jesus !

and they claim to be EXPERTS? the BIG money in Vegas was on the BEARS!!  >> they are probably all taking the COLTS tonite as well

Another FREE winner on Monday Night!

peyton manning thanks JesusMore Free Winners ! Everyone who followed on twittter or listened to the Radio show Sat. got another FREE winner on Monday night with the OVER 41 in MNF. Free picks are now on a 7-2-1  run since 8/1 and 44-19-1 since June 1.

 Last week in college football  the plays went 6-2-ATS, 15-10 ATS this season , if your on the footbal list ’09 you will get em by text

I Gave you the Final Four For Free


AS the games get bigger I always get the best info, and I bet BIGGER-  I  gave you wins- in the Bowl Games,  NFL Playoffs, Superbowl, ,and YES -the Final Four, just like last year, everyone who came here, or called me got winners, I posted both Picks on Twitter for free, including North Carolina -7last wednesday, and everyone got another FREE winner ATS. I got great last minute info direct from my guys in detroit on Michigan State, who won straight up. 

EDIT Monday Update: Sunday had  big wins on the Mavs and the Jazz  in the NBA,. I can’t post em everyday, im just too busy getting good information, so call me if you are one of the serious bettors. The NBA plays are 231-105-2 on the season, and 23-9-1 since March 25th. Lets have a good spring!

EDIT  Tuesday Update: I gave you the NCAA champ Carolina on Twitter, 3-0 in Final four. Get on the list for picks! here is the post , still on twitter:

I had to bet the Super Bowl

jesuscard11sIt’s not that I  hate the Steelers, I bet em last week, Its just  the Cardinals are the better overall team, and I believe have better overall coaching, and getting a touchdown is even better. I could go into many details here, but that would take too long, The Steelers never should have won the last Super Bowl they were in, I think they got lucky that day, I think they have gotten lucky in several games late in the fourth quarter, but won’t in Tampa. I had to cash in several basketball bets, and rather than take some cash home, I just bet it on Arizona + the points, 7  or +7.5, it wont matter, I already have the cardinals +550, to win outright,  and I will be betting several propositions next week, if you would like to bet some of them , send me an email