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Prime Time NFL Thursday

THURSDAY we get a good game in the Pac 10 UCLA/Washington + NFL with Bears at Dolphins (which I already bet-) I have cashed 6 out 7 bets in  Prime time games in the NFL..Basketball won AGAIN WED.now 29-8-1.

Pardon the Interuption- My Bets Keep Winning!

MORE FREE winners! The betting lines this week are all way off…First there was Monday’s 2-0 , Tuesday I hit Miami- OH ,+20,  Wednesday ‘s Big Play on Kent state wins outright, and my stats said they should have been favored..

The Free picks are 4-1 in the last five days to everyone who asked me..not to mention my non football bets are cashing, i now have more to bet Saturday’s games with…

Thursday I have bet at least one  game where the line is off by 6-7 points, and they way things look, now i may have two. Get all my BEST Bets for thursday along with the whole weekend’s plays – email MyfootballJesus@yahoo.com 

if you’re a serious bettor , I have a BONUS for you! I have made large bet for saturday already finding another line error, you should get this early! I will bet More on in Saturday!

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Patriots WIN BIG! Another 2-0 Monday,

The Pats-3 and Over 47 , Good again for my 5th straight 2-0 Monday !Night! The sunday Night and Monday games are now 25-6, and the overall record this year is 118-66-7, in football. Everyone who contacted me got a FREE winner AGAIN.  

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Thursday Football, Start your weekend by winning

Win Thursday and you get a head start on the weekend! I have a SOLID bet Thursady, i will leave it at that. I dont have games of the month or 50 star locks , but the bets i make win most of the time , and i do the research needed to get the right side.  In fact I have already made another bet for saturday, that I feel is off by a touchdown, much like the last big play I made.

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Boise State Buckin Broncos-Bonanza !

EASY win Wednesday!  I used to live in the northwest, I was radio host there for years, even worked in Wyoming for a while, I heard lots of good things from my folks up there, that Boise would be ready to roll Wednesday night, proving that they have what it takes to win big on ESPN,  I bet Boise-24 and everyone who contacted me for the weekend games, got IT FREE! , More football winners! and Thursday I have MORE.

BIG Three 3-0 Thursday!!!  You Can Get all Three FOR FREE!

PITT- South Florida       Memphis- UAB     Oregon ST-Utah

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Thursday College Football

GET free picks for this Saturday!  I have been doing my usual homework, and have identified 3-4 games as complete, Line Maker Mistakes, mis-matches, what ever you want to call em. It will be the BEST bets I have made this year… REALLY.

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SO get Saturdays mis-matches NOW.  You can bet em BEFORE they make the correction, and word gets out. and It will, these lines are off by a touchdown or more.. and I watch college football closely.

Thursday– a good matchup tonite… FREE PICK TAKE COLORADO +3.5

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Thursday College Football

Another mediocre Thursday game? No So fast My Friend! North Carolina-Rutgers! This will be fun game to watch, with two pretty good coaches facing off. And I have nice bet on the game to make a profit on ! Bigger games this weekend? Absolutely! Contact me for the winner, and of course I have free picks as well. 

Big matchups this weekend, I have done my homework all week, so you dont have to..use tonights game to have enough money to hit the big games hard and make a killing!

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Football Jesus Jerseys!!!

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Pro Football Kick Off Thursday!

Make money with Thursday’s winner in the NFL Kick Off – Redskins/Giants, Its an excellent way to start the weekend, Last Year on opening night the Saints went into Indy, and didn’t get the money.. Will the Redskins be more successful this year going into New York? 

Don’t forget the South Carolina-Vandy game on ESPN… Get the Vegas info on this game..I’ve spent all week handicapping BOTH Thursday games , and I have the RIGHT info  on both- for you.

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