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GAMEDAY in Austin ! Hook em Horms!!

just a preview of the best signs on gameday contdown coming later tonite! Thanks joe for the pics,  too bad  PRES Bush  didnt make it to the game!

Football Friday -Yee-Haw! and Wake wins BIG for me

More Free winners for Saturday! Thursday’s  Wake Forest -2 wins easy as my biggest Thursday bet so far this season, I bet the house limit on Tuesday, and bet it again at +1  on Thursday! , as the information I got was dead solid perfect!, They should have won BIGGER, but blew several TD opportunities. and Houston-18  ROLLS!!  The season record on my bets as of this post , in ALL games is now 93-54-5. 

 I will add  another win Friday with Louisville-Memphis,  Thursday only 38 people emailed and GOT the FREE thursday 2-0,  with the streak im on, why didnt more people Email or call? HEY they were FREE! if you want em -Just ask.

I made four other BIG bets for Saturday last night, all of em just as good !  And I will have late bets for Saturday Night! and you can get em all !!!   Email MYFootballJesus@yahoo,com , and you can get everything I bet , Saturday, Sunday and Monday-the whole weekend, along with the four bets I have already made.

FREE PICK for Saturday : TEXAS +7.5 Hook em Horns!

Free Picks Every day ! More free picks Saturday afternoon.