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Take me out to the Ballgame. well, no.

electronic baseball

I will stay home, But someone asked for help with Baseball..I guess they heard the rumors- YES i do have to bet baseball in the summer, and YES i do win most bets . Here are some winners for Sunday: June 1.

Cubs -1.5, Phillies-1.5, Red Sox-1.5,

 Reds+125 , Giants-140, Diamondbacks-1.5, Twins+110

Play of day -Dodgers +155

Why do they play SEVEN games?

Nba sucks

What is the point?  I have watched the NBA play offs and if the home team gets all the calls, puts out all the effort, and wins EVERY game, WHY PLAY SEVEN?  Maybe if there was ONLY one game, they would put forth the MAXIMUM effort and we might be entertained. Did you see the piss poor effort from the Hornets the other night? 29 points in the WHOLE second half, and all the starters resting because the game was a lost cause, and heck, ” we got the next one at home”

It’s this whole mentaltity that has ruined the sport. Thats why the college game is so exiting, THAT post season MEANS something. I have seen NO effort , from any road team with the slight exceptions in the Lakers and Pistons, and its THAT reason why they will meet in the finals, and the teams WONT win every game.

Really- they could just play one, and the results will be the same, MAYBE three, but THATS IT, seven games , what a waste of time, and the teams know it, thats why the effort is not there. It cannot be THAT HARD to win on the road, they do it all season, they just dont care in the playoffs.

Several Problems with Baseball

seattle pilots

I really dont want to get into ALL the problems of baseball. But while there is NO football, well, there is Arena Football, we get stuck betting baseball. Today i am focusing on the problem of NO URGENCY. Have you watched these games? The players lounge around, with no sense that the game is important. These same guys will bitch in September that they should be in the playoffs, that they are only a “few games back”. Well, they have 162 ( yes 162) chances to win all season. 162, Really? you could not find a way to get it done with 162 games? Really?  perhaps if there were less games you would make a better effort. 

And the game has no TIME LIMIT. So what’s the hurry? there is none. Again a problem, some of these games take almost 4 hours to complete. 4 hours is too long for a football game, baseball should be done in 2 hours. Its bad enough NBA games are taking longer, but there seems no hope for baseball, as they wont make any changes that would appeal to the new generations of fans. Baby Boomers are the core of  baseball’s fans. And they don’t want the game or the season changed.

Thanks the gods for spring football ! Something to watch while my baseball bets come in.

the Alamo is NOT a Dome


A roof is NOT a DOME.  Here is the Definition of DOME , from Webster’s Dictionary:, Dome;  a large hemispherical roof or ceiling, For those of you in Rio Linda, etc, Hemispericial means half sphere shaped.  NOT SQUARE or rectangular. So all you San Antonians STOP calling it a dome, ok, it’s a roof. There I Said it

As for the games, I keep hearing all week that these teams are so good, that there is no way to lay any points , because the games will come down to the final possessions. This is  B S .  It doesnt matter how good or how bad a team is, if they score  points and shoot close to 60% of their shots , they will win , if they dont- like Stanford who shot 30% from the field, then good teams lose and lose big. Look at the BIG games from this year, Duke-Carolina, Memphis- Tenn., Kansas-Tx, etc…these games were not decided by 3 pts, and the Final Four will be no different. The winning team will be ahead by 10 points with 5 minutes to go certainly with 2 minutes to go, so the point spread does not factor in. I bet kansas Last Sunday at +2, and I bet UCLA today at +3

 MONDAY UPDATE: Wow, what a tournamnet. It seems like it just started a couple of weeks ago. 62 games played so far, the bets went 40-22. Tonight I bet Kansas+3 at Leroys’s , buy the half point as always! The Jayhawks have played better teams all season, in the tourney, and they are a smarter , better coached team.

 I’ll be back for Football season, if you need me for any advice, contact me , i will have baseball info and winning bets all summer.

Let the Games Begin !

March Madness Vegas

The 2008 NCAA Mens Tournament begins today,and for the last few days I have heard the yaps gripe about match-ups, snubs, and one and dones. Look, there are no SNUBS ! I believe and so does everyone that the field of 64 teams DEFINITELY contains the BEST team in the country. So whats the problem? Does Arizona State or Ohio State REALLY think they had a chance? Really? Come on. This is the easiest tournament to get into. You just have to win your conference, you have all season to get the easiest seed in your conference tourney, and if you fail that you still get a shot, so stop whining.

And stop whining about the match-ups, placement or seeding. Look, you have to win six games, and you will have to beat a number 1 or 2 to win it all anyway, so whats the difference, go out on the floor and bring it, stop griping.

Remember every point helps, BUY the half point in every game you bet . Here are the bets I made Monday, Tuesday, and Today for the first round games on Thursday:

EARLY:  Georgia+ 9.5 maybe 10, Temple+8, Portland State+25.5

Mid Day: Baylor+3.5, Kent State-1, Pitt-8, Marquette-5,

Tweener: Stanford-14

Evening: Belmont+23, USC-2, Texas A&M-1, Wazzu-8

Late: Arizona+3, Notre Dame-6, Wisconsin-11, Mississippi Valley+32.5,


I WAS WRONG the Patriots are frauds

patriots suck

I have to apologize, to everyone, because i pride myself on being correct and getting things right. I was so wrong on the Patriots. they are Frauds as the team of 90’s. they have been lucky at best, and no where NEAR as good as the Cowboys of the 90’s , the 49ers of the 80’s or the Steelers of the 70’s.

They are just another team. I congratulate the Giants for outperforming , and stepping up to the big game. they deserved the win. The motto of the super bowl was “who wants it most” wel, clearly the Patriots did not. And THAT is what separates them from the great team of the past. The Cowboys, 49ers, and Steelers would NEVER have been embarrassed like that, which leads me to believe that those THREE 3 pt super bowl wins were lucky, and not dynastic.

When i saw Bruschi playing with his kids on the field, i knew they would lose, sorry you don’t do that before a big game you want to win, it’s nice, but not KILLER football.

Clearly , the lay off did not hurt the Giants, the patriots were frauds all year, and they were NEVER close to being the bst of all time, they will be a footnote in history, and forgotten, because they they had NO heart, no drive, no focus,

Funniest Momment On ESPN Gameday

espn college gameday

Of this whole seasaon, this was the funniest thing I saw on the Gameday set. On New Years Day, at the end of the show, Old man Lee Corso Hiding under the desk, with his USC gear on , waiting for his cue, ine “headgear segment”.

Kirk and Chris, could not contain themselves and it was a classic moment, sorry if you missed it.

UCLA Gets the Right Guy

rick neuheisel UCLA

It was one week ago that I mentioned Rick Neuheisel would be the coach at UCLA. 3 years ago I predicted he would be the next coach after Dorrell was eventually fired.

This is the right fit for UCLA . They need a STAR to compete with Pete Carroll. They need a coach with NFL ties to get the good players. It’s always good when you can get an alum to coach, they are not likely to leave for the NFL

And he is guaranteed at least one win a year in the Pac 10, when they play Washington, where Rick was fired for participating in an local college hoops betting pool, and he won his case, and $4.5 Million through legal proceedings. Now he will take it out on the Huskies on the field.

Football Gifts for the Ladies II

football slow cooker

This the second part for those who need football themed gifts for women. We actually have this slow cooker at home. Get it here: http://www.thisnext.com/item/9EF7108B/E0FDAB4A/Pro-Pot-Football-Slow-Cooker

Or how about this:

football ring diamond

If you need something less domestic, there is always jewelry, like this football shaped ring, it comes in gold or silver:

 look for them here: http://www.finejewelryoffaith.com/store/1593872/product/Y1453AA

In the NFL for this weekend,  So far, I already bet the Jets+26, Texans, +2,Seahawks-7,  Rams+10.5, & Redskins+6.

Baseball’s Big Day

clemens steroids

I said two years ago on this blog that Roger Clemens was doping, and many others did too. The “BIG MEDIA” aka ESPN, would not touch it because they are in love with the Sox/Yankees and Roger, and did not want to offend anyone. Well Today we will see the Mitchell report and see Roger’s name and others who took steroids. Like we couldn’t tell by looking at a 40 year old guy who is bigger and stronger than when he was 25.

Baseball has been dying a slow death for years, their CORE fans- baby boomers , have been getting older, while the generations that followed prefer FOOTBALL, nascar, and x-games , and even caveman sports like MMA & UFC.

TV ratings for baseball are low, and that’s where you can tell if a sport is strong. Not attendance. The ballet sells out, doesn’t mean it popular. Golf ratings are higher than baseball. It’s just too slow, players too overpaid, too pampered , too spoiled. Lets face it we have known the players cheat for years, few media types would come out and say it.