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Ready For the Final Four?

More FREE picks coming this month as Basketball has been a good moneymaker since the season started, Basketball Free picks 26-7  in 2016/17  now we are getting into the 2nd round of conference play in NCAA , and NBA just rolls along daily..  last year NBA/NHL 2015/16 season 535-271-3  You can get on the text list for ALL my bets DAILY in basketball, as I make em in vegas I will text em to you… u can get on weekly list, monthly or the rest of the season. I only make 1-3 bets each day ..very selective about where I make money in vegas when it comes to basketball … so get on the text list now THRU the final four or the NBA finals in June 



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Last  season was a bowl betting Bonanza with NFL dec 1 thru Jan  89-32-1

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Get Ready for THANKSGING Football!

thanksgiving-footballJesusFree Picks doing really well and Its the MOST profitable Football season EVER betting in Vegas!,  don’t miss this weeks bets + all the Football for BIG THANKSGIVING weekend  get BOTH at discount rate


Football: Are you a PRO or a JOE? What you need to know in SUMMER


proxyOk so every year, Lines go up NOW ( actually a month ago) on Regular season NFL, NCAA football. Week 1 and MORE, Games of the year, Season win totals, Odds to win NFC, AFC championships, etc..These are MOSTLY  ignored by what I call the “JOES” the general betting public, they have no vision to look ahead of what they cant cash in today or a week from when they make a bet. The OPPOSITE is true of the”PROS” guys like me who bet to make a living.  IM always looking AHEAD to put myself in a better position to cash a bet or cash for money  after a game takes place, I don’t care if if its six month from now , if the books want to put up a line now , I will take advantage.  What kind of a bettor are you ? don’t you want to win 7% more bets or more money each season ? I guess if you only bet $100 it doesn’t matter, I bet much more, 7% is A LOT of money, it puts my kids through college!

LAST fall I bet Golden state Warriors +400 to win NBA title, and I told my clients to do the same. OF course I had some NEW clients come in right before the NBA finals and they had to lay -200.  What bet would YOU rather have ?

Same happens every year in NFL , I tell people NOW what teams to get odds on to win NFC, and AFC, and we are sitting pretty when playoffs come. SEASON win totals also make us money now  the difference between betting OVER 8.5 wins and 9 wins is substantial, over the course of season ( do you watch these games?) LOL

Betting Steelers -3 Now for week 1 in this NFL season is BETTER than laying -5.5 or 6 by Sept.  The lines that are out now will MOVE! And I will cash a bet, while there is a good chance that those who follow me in SEPT, will not. This isn’t MY FAULT, I bet smart , guys like me also bet smart, MOST DON’T, they DON’T LOOK AHEAD.



its March Madness time get all best bets

Another FREE pick winner—in NCAA with NORTH Carolina sat cashing in  i willl have more NCAA conference tournys all this week March is the best month since November to cash bets in Vegas- we are at 76% on the basketball seasson and there are even more  bets I make in March

Moving on in NCAA Tourney Bets

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 Survived and ADVANCED in Opening weekend of NCAA tournament, i still have my Future bets to win regions alive and well .. Including my pick to win it all ARIZONA..my best bet of the day Sunday Virginia also doing well  .. If you didnt get on TEXT list yet … You can jump on for the sweet 16 and FINAL FOUR!

Final Four last few years:  3-0 sweeps in ’08, ’09, ’10 & ’11  4-1 in 2012 , 2-1 in 2013 including Louisville to win it all, Overall 18-2 betting Final Four since 2008.

Get the Rest of November bets FREE

Get Free picks by text messageMore Free picks coming  this week .. After 13 weeks of betting football in vegas – I have had 8 winning weeks…  2 losing weeks 3 weeks PUSHED. There is Plenty of Football  Coming up for this week AND next week for Thanksgiving ….you can get every bet i make for the rest of November FREE if you u reserve your spot for December… Good games this week in College Football – OK State – Baylor,   wisconsin/Minnesota  ASU/UCLA.. and Basketball bets nightly  by text mesage

here is my week 12 NFL podcast with game predictions gambling advice.. with   Toby Knapp  http://t.co/Lva8dg276y

Week 7 goes 11-3 more Free picks coming!

Halloween Free Picks cashed 3-1 in vegas last week. I gave out BOTH AL & NL Pennant winners For FREE, along with a easy win in NCAA Stanford, Finally lost an NFL free pick on podcast, now 5-1-1. Free Picks are 68% overall in 2013, and 72% in football 18-7-1 , don’t miss this weeks picks, you can get em by text to your phone . Good bet coming THUR , 10-4-1 on Thursday Games – to start the week again

Podcast Free picks are Un beaten

NFL Podcast Free picks are 5-0- 1  after the PATRIOTS covered in NFL ,  more Free picks are on the way.. Dont miss my Thursday night bet — my bets are 8-3-1 on Thursday bets ……

This week Great bet in Pac 12 & ACC SAT night FSU-Clemson …and  another game in NFL where the line is off by about 6 points in my opinion …

Week 5 BEST bet of season so Far

get this weeks BEST bet by text messageNFL Podcast Free picks are 3-0- 1 after the 1st 4 weeks, Texans should have beaten the Seahawks  but pushed covering +3  and overall FREE picks 14-5-1 in Football.  I have great bets I already Made for NFL this week and College Football + CFL is still going strong  as well…One of the best bets of trh season so far is going this week —