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Monday Night Football Best Bet in Vegas

Great bet for Monday Night Football -You can get it FREE if your on the BOWL list for 2011-The BCS announced their Championship game, and of course the voters  had NO imagination and just voted in 2 teams from SEC, The other Conferences should all leave the BCS and form their own Play off and NOT allow the SEC in it, let them have their own little championship game each year- Period.I will be NOT be watching the game on Jan 9th, I saw it already – THE FIRST TIME–and it was  a joke.  

Whats NOT a joke are the Basketball bets in Vegas -Sunday I gave out a FREE pick on Wichita State- and it cashed in again , Free picks have been super the last few weeks on a 18-4-3 run.. 2 good bets Monday in Hoops & More all week.

Monday Night Football+ BCS Title is Set

Good weekend for me in vegas betting football and basketball ( 3-0 sat & Sun), although the NFL could have been better..I cashed on the Bears/Lions game, and Cowboys , lost on 49ers and the free pick on Tampa lost in the end as well..

Monday night  we get a treat with Jets/Patriots.. WOW- dont even need to bet this just watch it! But there is a Good bet Monday Night- check with me if u need help.

Winning week in NFL again!- on to Monday!

Another FREE Win Sunday– as I gave EVERYONE the OVER the Broncos/Titans game for FREE on tuesday last week, as i text out EARLY BIG money bets in Vegas each week if you want em by text message…5-2 overall Sunday pending Free pick on the OVER monday..with Big wins on the Texans, 49ers, Browns.. the stinker bet i made was on the Seahawks and lost late on the Steelers..BUt another winning week..on to Monday —if u listened to the PODCAST I did i gave out an easy win for Monday night..and texted it directly to those who want it.. so they can get the BEST lines EARLY in the week NOT GameDay!

I still OWN Sun and Mon Nights- 5-1 in 2010 so far

MORE free Winners! if u listened to the podcast   http://bit.ly/b21O9S I did this week u got a nice easy win on the Under in KY/Louisville game + I gave u Georgia to win BIG in their opener..55-7… yes its all about getting the best numbers .. and if u want REAL smart moves from a REAL professional bettor in vegas u will get em…they dont win 100 % but about 69% which makes money. 10-4 in NCAA bets since Thursday…so call or email me for sunday and Monday winners..this year on sunday and monday nights my record is 5-1..and THREE of those I posted here for FREE!..when u need to win at the end of the week ..I COME THROUGH for YOU..best bets now 73% overall in 2010 football season

I OWN the Bowls ! 8-3 now this season

Another Bowl Winner! I told you I had HUGE $ money play on Sunday Night, and CLEMSON was the winner! I did not bet the DAL/WASH game is had too much bad info on BOTH sides, But had great info on the BOWL game as my bets are now 8-3 and 73% on the season.. if your on the bowl list you are winning and   im doubling the bets this week as the BIG bowls are coming up…Football bets went 4-1 Sunday, including outright wins by the Jets and Buccs….

I have  a BIG $$$  bet on Monday Night or you can play the free pick

NFL 10-3 now in DEC -A repeat of Last Year?

Finish the Season STRONG! Each December my win % gets HIGHER  and this year is NO different. Already Busting out in the NFL and getting ready for the BOWL GAMES this week–Sunday’s Early piks went 3-1, with BIG wins on the Under in Chicago, the Vikings, and the Falcons, but I lost on the OV in KC… But still went 4-1 Overall with a nice TOTAL win in the NBA on the early game .

Free picks-AFTER the FREE win on Montana Saturday  24-9-2 ATS since Aug , and 61-25-2 since June , and have won 5 in a row..

PERFECT again in NFL

Another FREE win i gave you in NFL, after the CARDINALS wiped out the vikings as an underdog Sunday.5-0 day in NFL NO losses, with wins on Browns, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Colts—Last two weeks in NFL 11-1  ATS….BIG $$ bet on Monday night including Basketball which is smokin…at over 70% for the season

Off 4-0 in NFL Sunday- Bring on Monday Night!

More Free winners for Monday Night!  I have 2 big money bets I made for monday night after the Killer day on Sunday with wins on the Jets, 49ers, Cardinals +3.5, and OVER 4 0 in Philly…  this weekend was 12-2 fri-sunday in football, while basketball is still smokin…at 73% ATS…still room on the basketball list – but its not for everyone..so if  u get on it soon you get the  rest OF DEC Football bets I make FREE.

Monday Night in the Dawg Pound- Ravens/Browns

browns dogpound supports football jesusMore Free  winners in the NFL! I just had another great weekend in football , after a 4-0 start to the NFL ,If you heard the Podcast- you also got plenty of wins for free..I cashed on the Buccaneers, Panthers, Redskins and Rams.. I lost on the COLTS by 1 pt- BUT won my NBA bet on the UNDER in LAK game sun night–  But more winners in the NFL coming  MONDAY NIGHT  Ravens-Browns game .  I also  plan to make some early bets for next week College football.  there is also NBA on Monday-

Getting Ready for BIG win on Monday!

football jesus luvs the buccsMore Free winners!  I made a good bet for Monday Night Football…and i have Free pick, where just like last year this years Monday Night plays have been cashing in for us, after the first 8 weeks, MNF bets are 10-4 ATS, sides or totals .. Sunday was a winning day- 4-1 with a BIG win on the Buccaneers winning outright as a 10 pt dog and the Bengals ripping the Ravens– and the Titans win my only late bet also won with the Pistons in the NBA, to bring the NBA bets to 18-5 on the season..more comin this week..

 FBJ-MNF 2009