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Baseball Bets , NBA Playoffs Cashing in!

Baseball bets are here for the summer!  Yes we have NBA playoffs coming , and have been cashing in on Spring Football, but its baseball right now, the sportsbooks are behind on still focusing on Basketball, and we are cashing in , and will be ahead of the game all spring and summer!  You can get DAILY TEXT bets in MLB  as I make em at sportsbook in Vegas, right to your phone! and you can get spring football        ( 20-5 so far in AAF, arena starts soon) and the NBA PLAYOFFS  are coming, which we LOVE to cash in on here in Vegas..

PLENTY to make money on all summer in vegas

Lots going on this summer for us to make money on in vegas , with football, WNBA, GOLF,the World CUP and of course BASEBALL daily , free picks rolling along as usual  45-21-1 74% , as are BEST BETS!!

Get on October Best bet Text List

Free Podcast picks 4-0 in NFL.. if you listened to the Podcast, the 1st four weeks of the NFL season,. Overall the free football picks I have posted are 11-4, this season so far. AND I have cashed in EVERY monday night so far! More good Football bets coming this week and all month, if you want every bet I make in vegas sent to your phone – always good to get on Best bets early at the BEST betting numbers .. EXAMPLE : Sunday night football last week there is NO way you could have lost no matter who you bet , if you bet NY Giants – u were getting +2.5 , and prior to sunday you could bet Eagles -1 ..You always have to get the best betting lines you can if you want to make an extra 5-7% PROFIT each season.


My Bets in MAY FREE if your on List For JUNE

I’m Ready for Round 3 in NBA and the Stanley Cup Finals this weeknd, My future bet on KINGS is looking great, I have HEAT to win the EAST +125 on a future bet and Spurs to win WEST at 6-1, that I sent out FOR FREE in DEC.

IF anyone wants all my insights on how to bet these FINAL Conf Series hit me up for a PODCAST or email me .. Good chances to make Plenty of Money on TOTALS in Games 1-3, Plus some good sides in thing go right..check with me daily.

Get Best Bets for the NBA Play Offs

NHL playoffs off to good start- cashing in all 5 series bets I made in vegas .. everyone who followed along is  ready to bump up our bets for MAY as NBA play offfs begin…2011 NBA play offs finished with 9-2  record in Vegas on series bets and 10-2-1 in the FINALS ! 

I wont make any series bets on HEAT, or SPURS in round 1, as I already have FUTURE bets pending on them to win Conf Championship, these will come in handy to bet the underdogs in coming weeks.  In the NHL I have Future bet pending on Kings to reach Stanley Cup- GO LA

NBA & MLB bets Cashing in BIG in April

Basketball bets in April 15-6..294-140-10 68% this season.. Baseball is 14-5 so far.+ I have some good bets in NHL play offs going  and Free picks cashing in nicely as well, More Best bets coming EVERY day…the Text list for all my bets is at an all time HIGH membership in the past 4 years… There will also be Arena Football bets,You can get NBA FREE if you get on MLB text list. 

Baseball is very GOOD to me in Vegas- I won a season long MLB handicapping contest in 2010,  I DONT bet big Favorites, mostly underdogs and TOTALS..about 63% over the last 3 years.


How to Cash Bets in NBA this weekend

Some rules to go by in NBA playoffs- when Charles Barkley says something, there is an 87% chance he is WRONG,.. I dont think it will be that easy for the mavs to get rid of Lakers…other things you HAVE to know about is to AVOID the “Zig-Zag” method, From 2001-2010, even if you bet the BEST betting numbers, bettors still cashed only 51% of the time… there are OTHER dynamics involved in the NBA playoffs– like Injuries-many times there seems to be a lack of adjustment , and its not all the book’s fault. The public is very skeptical of injurys, feeling they are usually overated, and because many times the players show up and play anyway…ALSO many of the teams still in the playoffs were just poorly priced to begin with, teams like MIAMI, Memphis, and Atlanta were UNDER valued, while the BULLS may have topped out in regular season, Boston is being exposed, and Lakers have YET to get interested in the playoffs.