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Moving on in NCAA Tourney Bets

GET all my BEST BETS for sweet 16

 Survived and ADVANCED in Opening weekend of NCAA tournament, i still have my Future bets to win regions alive and well .. Including my pick to win it all ARIZONA..my best bet of the day Sunday Virginia also doing well  .. If you didnt get on TEXT list yet … You can jump on for the sweet 16 and FINAL FOUR!

Final Four last few years:  3-0 sweeps in ’08, ’09, ’10 & ’11  4-1 in 2012 , 2-1 in 2013 including Louisville to win it all, Overall 18-2 betting Final Four since 2008.

March Madness Betting Special

FREE picks avaialble by text or BEST bets in Vegas DailyBasketball bets on a ROLL into March  63-27-2 in 2014  Over 69% wins +    Just as in Football ,  basketball bets getting HOT at the right time as we head in to Post Season and & Conference tournament games + the BIG  Dance later this month.

Here we go NCAA tourney special rate

Basketball bets ROLLING
into the tournament this week 9-2 fri/sat/sunday including FREE winner on BigSky champion Montana- more great bets all week in NBA and dont forget I do great in NCAA tournament each year and you can get em all by text right from vegas as I bet em for big $$..including FUTURE bets to win each region , basketball/NHL bets 288-99-5 after this last weekend.. get all best bets thru the  FINAL FOUR!

Ready for the NCAA tournament Opening Rounds

Great end to Championship week Sunday, cashing in 3-1 sunday.. I Also cashed 73% in Championship tourney Games the past week .. Peaking in March again just like last year, rolling into the Big Dance. Free picks have cashed 4 of the last 6 as well..

Free picks now 73% ATS in Basketball

Another free win Sat I posted right here …with the Nuggets game in NBA…MORE fre epicks coming and u can get em texted right to your phone.. the SWEET 16 is coming , and and if your bankroll is DOWN after the first wekend, Contact me , as gut are still filling up the txt list for my bets from Vegas…NBA bets on a 9-0 run

Time For Tip Off for the NCAA Tourney

ANOTHER Free winner Monday night on the Miami Heat…Free Basketball picks I posted now 18-5-1 , and you can get em by text message…

This Year the Tourny Starts EARLY..YES Tuesday/Wed games in NCAA ..Contact me  if u want to get on the TEXT list for all BEST bets I make in vegas for the next THREE WEEKS- I open the list up every March so everyone can win..YOU have to get the BEST information from a REAL bettor in vegas and ride along to win

12-2 Run in Championship week!

Another FREE win Wed night on the Nets game in the NBA…bring the FREE picks in Basketball to 17-4-1 in 2011, its been a GREAT week betting basketball in Vegas, because this is the easiest time to get GOOD betting numbers in Vegas, the linemakers cant keep up with these tournament games , and if they DO then… the NBA lines  suffer, and smart guys like be hot those game BIG.

So NOW is the BEST time to get on for MARCH, and bet all the games I bet in Vegas..im on a 12-2 run with my BEST BETS so far this week…

You will get Text messages EARLY in the day, ( for day games) at Half Times when the books put up bad numbers…and you can call/text ANY questions you have to me , I will continue to be the best source of REAL information about where guys like me are betting our money and betting it big.

How to win Championship week

Another Free winner SAT, on the Clippers game, earlier in the day I posted a free pick on Missouri, which got a push..Basketball Free Picks now 16-4-1 in 2011…and there will be several more this month…check back here or get em by text message.

The reason my bets have been so successfull in March Conference tournaments and March Madness each year…is simple..  GOOD information.. and TIMELY information, so I can bet the Best Betting numbers and pass em along to you, wins and extra 5-7 % each year, instead of hitting 61%, I will hit 67%  … instead of hitting 64 % I’m hitting 70%..
That’s how you come out AHEAD in March, and  because I want everyone to win each year, I make it easy in  March ( and DEC bowls) each year, to include more people in the fun and profit.

Free Basketball Picks 14-3 in 2011

Another Free win Monday night as the Nets cover the points in OT ! If you bet $300 on every basketball FREE pick I posted- bets I actually make in Vegas-you would have a profit of $3210 in 2011, heading into the MOST profitable month of the basketball season- MARCH !

Last March 2010:

NCAA conf Tournaments 2010 : 31-13-1 70% ATS
NCAA Tournament 2010 : 24-11 69%

Ready for the BIG Dance This week!

More FREE winners! This week the Free picks are 5-1 ..and I text em directly to you..Saturday was easy win the Minnesota Gophers. I Owned the Pac 10 tournament, as usual with a 4-1 mark, including a sweep of the Final 3 games, with BIG money bet on Washington to beat CAL– Congrats to the TOP DOGS of The Pac 10 !  My bets are 29-9 ATS in Hoops this past week .

Here are the RESULTS of the contest i was in for Championhip week,  I entered Covers.com  , Here’s the final standings as listed on the website: http://bit.ly/bc9tse

1 FootballJesusLV 9-1-0 90.00% +790
2 tuleythetout 11-4-0 73.33% +660
3 jl7910 10-4-1 71.43% +560
3 100towin 10-4-1 71.43% +560