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Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday in Lexington

espn college gameday

This week , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were in Lexington, KY,  to see The Gators and Wildcats.  Signs were OK; Again the Tebown Steak theme was seen again, just like in Baton Rouge. Once again  sign makers need to know that signs  must actually be legible and seen on TV. Some are hard to read, some are obstructed.

There are these websites that show up each week as well, like NOBCS.net, and Shame-U.com. The Wazzu flags were out as usual, and I also saw a Virginia Tech Flag again.  I wanted to make out the Chris Fowler sign, because I have never seen a Chris fowler sign, but I could not decipher what the sign said due to the espn nets that blur smaller print. All I made out was Chris Fowler is my “ something”.  The Kirk faithful were out: “DDD luvs gameday” , “marry me Kirk” & “Kentucky Girls Love Kirk”.  

By the way someone needs a sign that says “Les Miles has the biggest balls in football”

Here are the best signs that  could be read on TV:

 1. Mom I found the Library ( the show was live from the library)

2. Tebow’s Mom Home Schooled me

3. Is This The Line for Hanna Montana Tickets?

4. T-Bag Tebow  or  T-Bag Tebow T it Up

5. Kirk, Sign my Belly- future cat inside

6. Buckeyes,  YOUR WELCOME!

7. Gameday In Lex Vegas

8. I got lost on my way to Rupp Arena

9. Erin Andrews Please marry Me Now!

10. Fear the Apostrophe

11. Crank Dat Soulja Boy!

12. Dear SEC , please don’t fine us!

13. Chuck Norris belives.

14. Corso Prays for cats win

15. Tim Evans bows to our Woodson.

16. Prepare to eat crow again: Corso-Holtz-Curry, we belive,  you should too!

17. Andy Wulfeck ( 859) 801-1439

18. Henry Earl Lives here

19. Woodson woodyard Wood you belive Gameday is in Lexington ( no, it was a one time shot)

20. Hey Corso don’t eat crow, eat chicken

21. Mike Chandler send Money

22. Eat Mor Gator ( yes they did not use the E)

23. Corso is our man Crush

24. I make it rain.

25. Gator tasys like Cardinal.

P.S I did see the Big Check, I think made out to the SEC, by FLA, but it was hard to read..

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