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College Football Sunday? Yes!

No NFL? That’s OK! We have a top notch BIG UNIT bet going tonight in college – 

Colorado-Colorado State! Excellent info on this game – Big Winner.

I expect a few surprises tonight,  and  If you NEED to win TODAY-then  Contact me for the info and WINNER of This game!

Free Play today is Lousiville-3, Go get em…

Saturday was a WINNING day,with 2 big underdog winners early in Ohio U and Bowling Green, plus a nice play on Cal-4  late, Ole Miss-6, &  Illinois+10.5, ( always buy the half point!)  and the ONLY bet I will make on UNLV ( -12) all year lost. I lost on Michigan who came close, that was tough, and Clemson, was just piss poor. Overall a winning day again.

Saturday Football Late Update

Well, so far at the sportsbooks this morning I saw what I needed! Big line moves the WRONG way according to my data, on BOTH- Bowling Green and Ohio U, I scooped both +14 and cashed in easy winners, Good to see an effort on underdogs, after the Army gave no effort friday.

BIG games going tonight, Contact me for the winners, Im getting more info all day..

 Illinois/Mizzou, Michgan State/Cal,   Wash/Ore ,   Bama/Clemson,     Memphis/Ole Miss ,  TCU/New mexico, Utah State/UNLV

College Football Week 1 Winners

Last Season was my highest winning percentage ever in college football, But evolution gave us eyes in the front of of our heads so we can see where we are going, and NOT where we have been, so lets forget the past get on to his week!

The more information I get , the better the bets! The Biggest bets today are going in two games, Utah/Michigan and Illinois/Mizzou.

 I also have the winning picks on Alabama/Clemson, USC/UVA, Memphis/Ole Miss & Michigan State/Cal.  Contact me for all these plays and more and cash in! I am not a service, I am a consultant and I will let you in on EVERY bet I make in college football.

 Today’s Free pick in College Football is the bet I made on Washington+14.5 at Oregon.

Note: ( for you you newbies, YES you buy the Half Point!-always)

College Football Saturday -It’s Here!

It’s Friday -I’ve got the info I need for a killer bet to finish off the NFL Pre season, and a FREE Pick for all! 

Chargers /49ers, Broncos/Cardinals,  Raiders/Seahawks

 A FREE College football winner for you tonight as well,  Temple/Army!

Big Play on STANFORD wins outright for me last me last night, but the other picks stumbled, there was just tooooo much value in NC State +14, and I saw nothing in Vandy that wanted me on them -on the road to open the season. So I’m looking forward to Saturday’s strong matchups, to bounce back big.

I cant have a winning night every night, BUT  I’ve got a Big play in college football for week 1, so contact me for all the bets TODAY, last seasons record was the best ever!- https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2008/07/31/pre-season-football-2008/

 I will have strong plays on the early games, and on the later games, get with me throughout the day!

Utah/Michigan,  Memphis/Ole Miss,  Washington/Oregon, Illinois/Mizzou, Michigan St/CAL, Alabama/Clemson, USC/Virginia

Contact me and get em ALL!

Rah! Rah ! College Football Kicks Off!

REAL college games, real Winners, for all SEASON preferred clients, contact me. NO MORE shit  NFL practice games, although I have a winning record , 21-12-1, I LIVE for real games that mean something….So if you want to be involved, contact me, I hate losing and I usually don’t, I bet these games myself for real money…

I’m back from vacation, I am READY for tonight’s games and especially Saturday’s HUGE bet in college football. It will be SOLID. Get on the list NOW for preferred clients, and don’t MISS one play this season!

It all starts TONIGHT! and Of course there is a Free play as well..Just LIke Seattle Monday, which I posted Sunday- so contact me for that, Tonight College Football Kickoff – BIG Winner!, get on it!!!

Sunday Football Winner -Free Baseball Pick!

Panthers-3  ROLL  47-3 ! They were my Biggest winner Saturday , so far in NFL pre-season.  Everyone who contacted me and got the free game the JETS -2.5, -Was a winner!.  

I  do not have a “50-dime winner”  or “game of the year” BUT I do  have ANOTHER strong play in the NFL going Sunday night  Bills-Colts , and a free baseball play , so contact me for BOTH and have a winning day!

And College Football goes this Saturday! https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2008/07/31/pre-season-football-2008/

NFL Football Saturday-Free Pick

Pre Season Picks now 16-8-1 , after Fridays action. The biggest mismatch is expected tonight, in week 3 of NFL summer action. Last night after the Patriots failed to beat the number for the 9th game in a row, he had a nice win from the Falcons, and the Big Underdog play on the Packers wins OUTRIGHT.

I have some strong numbers going tonight here in Vegas, and everyone should contact me me for tonights winner in the NFL, the best of this week, in my opinion. Sorry , no gimmicks and no “Game of the Year” just winning plays and I will tell you exactly how to bet this one and any others.

Another winning tonight, be a part of it!  Free Pick in Tonights action- Giants/Jets Contact me!

Welcome to Football Friday!

NFL record is now 14-7-1, Biggest bet in Pre Season going in week three, Tonights game just as good as last nights big bet on the 49er’s +3, they win outright! Same thing with my  baseball underdog play on the TWINS , that I gave out for free to everyone who called me. I even gave out a winner to my CFL friends in the great white north!

So many “experts” had their “game of the week ” or “50 star game of the year” on the Angels. Same guys who gave out the Browns on Monday or the Bears last night. Sorry. I don’t have “locks” or ” Game of the year” and i don’t ask for your credit card.

I’m not a service, I’m a consultant. I don’t like losing bets, and I will absolutely give you the best info from vegas. I have contacts all over the country. I study and do my homework. Contact me directly and  I can  get you the winning plays too, just contact me . The Pre season winning continues tonight:

Eagles/Patriots  Titans/Falcons  Texans/Cowboys  Packers/Broncos

Thursday Football 49ers – Bears

Big Football winner tonight in NFL pre season. Solid information will help us again, its week 3, many teams will be already be resting several players, and its the players who PLAY that I’m betting on. Baseball was ok again, last night, had a loser early ( jays) but had winners later( reds, Giants).  but enough of that game , I live for football, and i dont like losing, so i make it a point to win.

49ers/ Bears TONIGHT, start the week off with a winner, then you have chance to win em all! Contact me personally, as always.


Baseball Wins Tuesday. I Want Football… !

Tuesday  Winners: I had  Blue Jays,  Astros,  loser on the Padres except those who get RL’s at +1.5… THE BIG winner , USA Olympian Shawn Johnson-way to go kid!

Football Winner Thursday CFL, NFL, contact me.