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Funniest Momment On ESPN Gameday

espn college gameday

Of this whole seasaon, this was the funniest thing I saw on the Gameday set. On New Years Day, at the end of the show, Old man Lee Corso Hiding under the desk, with his USC gear on , waiting for his cue, ine “headgear segment”.

Kirk and Chris, could not contain themselves and it was a classic moment, sorry if you missed it.

Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday-THE ALAMO

espn santa college gameday

ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso,  Kirk Herbstreit, were at the Alamo, where this show died for the season. Desmond didn’t even show, he got to go to Hawaii !  The Wazzu flag is STILL at these sites, even though they fired their coach –Doba.  The signs were the least entertaining of the season. Maybe because the site was off campus, maybe beacause this was a rematch, I don’t know.  Look kids, I have already seen signs about “minibvans”  “boogers” someone for “president” or “heisman”, “mangino” is hugry , we get it. Enough with “its gonna happen”  we get it, we have seen it, it’s December , I expect playoff caliber signs ! No more repeats. With that in mind, here is the list. 

The best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      Bradford Doesn’t Belive in Santa

2.      Bob Knight shoots his neighbors

3.      Where’s Desmond?

4.      Dodge is Chase’s daddy

5.      Stops shops at Lowes.  ( sponsor  home depot upstet?)

6.      Tebow is Home watching Chase

7.      Oklahoma Irrevelent in November

8.      Missouri waltz-ing to a title

9.      We’ll kick Les Miles @#$ too! ( from Ohio state)

10. Davy Crockett was a tiger Fan

11.  we’re STILL partying like it’s 1863

12.  I cut the tigers tail

13.  Alanna lets go see a movie.

If you could see any that were original in content, relevency, funny, and were on screen, let me know.

Next week, we will post the top signs from the WHOLE SEASON.  Your nominations welcome.

Some Previous weeks signs:










Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Kansas City

 gameday signs espnlou holtz daddy espn

 ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso,  Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond took the Gameday Bus into Arrowhead  Stadium for the Kansas-Miissouri game. Even though there were flurries, herbie didn’t wear his flat great lakes hat, from last week.  There were so many people you would have needed Manginio’s shirt to cover them all.  Why was this sign still around ” Teabag Tebow”?

Where is Jeremy Hugs TV’s ? Their number is 785-341-8935.   

No one burned the Wazzu flag , so it was still flying.  There were some good signs worth mentioning for the efforts of the fans who braved the elements. “ What would John Brown DO?” He would count down the signs.

 Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      Lou Holtz is my Baby’s daddy

2. Chase Pees on Todd

3. I bet Les Miles pronounces AR-Kansas Correctly now

4.      k-U will need a chaser after this SHOT!

5.      Mangino Ate Jon Benet

6.      Honk if Your HS team played KU

7.      Fangino is MAT

8.      Mangino plays with Self

9.      Mangino Causes world hunger

10.      Why is Gameday at our Bye week?

11.   Chase drives a mini van

12.      Beating KU- So easy a Caveman could do it

13.     Mizzou is the Poo

14.  Chase Daniel loves cup chicks

15. I love the smell of jayhawk in the morning

16.  Thanksgiving leftovers

17.  You get the juice now Grandma?

18.  Chuck Norris tells Chase Daniel Jokes

19.  We had to come to Arrowhead, because Mizzou players cant’ break Probation

20.  10 is 2 times better than 5

21.   ESPN : Obesity lives here

22.  The only BIG MAC(lin) Mangino  can’t handle

23.  Domo Arigato Jose Conseco

24.  Herbie where is your hat?

25. Freddy Deeb is faster than Aqib Talib

26.  watch 4 the T.ruck

27. Chase fears the boogerman.

28. Mizzou Sponsors Terrorism

29. Wheres the Beef ( k-u’s schedule)

30. Tigerhead or its Corso’s head

There were hundreds of signs, so send in your fav’s if they didn’t make the list, again they are hard to see  on tv.

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Cowherd Picks BOTH sides in ASU/USC Game

colin cowherd woman

OOPS! he did it again! For the second time in one season, this ESPN radio douche-bag or “shrutebag” picked two sides of a game. Earlier this year he picked BOTH  Florida and Kentucky. :


Today , after he already picked ASU to upset USC, he comes on the radio and picks USC. So Like John  kerry, he actually picked ASU to win, before he picked them lose. Integrity? No. By the way is Colin wearing a woman’s jersey here? It seems a bit tight , even for a whimpy guy like him.

No matter who wins, he will be barking on Monday how he got it right. I guess he has to do something, last week his college picks went 2-2, the week before 2-4.

Why do we have to see this on ESPN?

kit hoover dana jacobson espn

When ESPN started its morning show”Cold Pizza” now called “First Take” it was fun, entertaining, and had Kit Hoover for us to look at. She was worth waking up to every morning. well, the show has gone through so many changes, Jay is the only original still on the show, he must be the only one to have a good agent and a good contract. I have tried to watch this show recently, but can’t get past this host Dana Jacobson. How did she get on TV? Is she related to someone who hires at ESPN? Whats with that hair style? Did she lose a bet with Jay? That’s the hair she has chosen? Really? ESPN Bottom Line: Kit Hoover is Hot… Dana, Not

Can we please get Kit Hoover back?