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Best Signs on ESPN Gameday- Stillwater

Pretty BIG game in Stillwater with Oklahoma State & Oklahoma…but a small turnout of fans due to the holiday weekend…here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Have your sooner spayed or neutered
Old Stinky Underwear
•Even Dr Lou hates OU
•Stoops had too much Turkey
•Pete dont need a Permit
•Were going to Air Your Dirty Landry
•Even Toby ( Keith) knows he should have been a COWBOY
•Justin Blackmon CAN touch MC Hammer
•Prepare to get Weeden Slapped
•Thankful that i wasnt early enough to be a sooner
•Bob stoops may be 40, but he’s no man

Best Signs ESPN Gameday -Wrigley

Not as Good as Last weeks signs, but a fun atmospere at Wrigley Field…The Gameday Show should have been at College Station for Nebraska Texas AM or at Stanford/Cal …here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Thank God I thought this was a cubs game
•You Should Be at College Station- GO HUSKERS
•Going to Be “ONE SIDED” go NW
•I’ve Gott 99 problems – Ron Zook aint 1
•Is this the line for Harry Potter?
•The Illini Defense is Wrigley”s latest NO HITTER
•Dumbldore wears Purple
•Ron Zook: Coming soon to an unemployment office near you
•Now BOTH teams are Cursed
•Evan Watkins Slays Pussy Nightly
•R I P Wrigley East Zone
•Home Teams dont win at Wrigley

Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Columbus

Gameday in Columbus Ohio for the UNEVENTFUL wipe out Ohio state will put on Penn State…Oh yah, they could have been at Georgia-Auburn…or South carolina- Florida—or San Diego State -TCU… but Herbie has to have obligatory time at Ohio State…some good signs , WHY no Red-0ut ? or Grey out? or a VEST OUT-not really a big game is it, unless u are Buckeyes waiting for a miracle loss out west…here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Le Bron SUCK THESE (nuts)
•Auburn Paid Me $200K to hold this sign
•OUR Quarterback plays for FREE
•The Lion Sleeps tonight
•Hey Joe Pa! What were dinosaurs like?
•Congrats MR 400- Years old
•Joe Pa All senior citizens should have LIFE ALERT +
•Mom Send Undies
•Nature Abhores a Vacuum-but not as cats do
•God Said “let there be light” Joe Pa pulled the switch
•What do Ellen Tressel and Ann Arbor have in common?
•Auburn is Pooting in thier JORTS
•Joe Pa its time to take your skills to south beach with Le Bron
•Corso Can you teach me to Dougie?
•Pryor Takes CELL tech

Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday in Salt lake

word of the day in Salt lake City : UTES ! and Black .. seems we have one of those “outs” in Utah.. this one -“Black” i never think it’s a good idea to wear BLACK jerseys when u don’t normally do so… Utah wears RED.. dance with what brought ya.. here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Adopt Me Shakey
•GINGERS have no Soul
•WRECKIN Blechin
•U Blackout- TCU Knockout
•I Blacked out an Hour ago.. thank god for SPORTSCENTER
•Dalton is a Daywalker
•This isnt Quidditch
•BCS: If you cant beat em, Invite em to join
•Breathe if U hate Bama
•Hi Mom- Im Blacked Out
•Theres NO “U”in MIami
•-SWOOP eats Horned Frogs
•Black out or Back out

more signs last week: https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/best-signs-at-espn-gameday-in-los-angeles/

BEST signs at ESPN Gameday in Los Angeles

“PARTY Like There ‘s No Post Season!” According to Chris Fowler ” several signs confiscated”–EASILY some of the  best signs of the YEAR so far.. always good ones on the west coast where the MOST intelligent and Creative students are … of course that damn Wazzu flag hasnt been burned yet..but thier defence has each week.. DEsmond Howard in “White Face” was greathere are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Even PETA hates the Ducks
•He’s Climbing in Your windows ! He’s snatching yo laptops up!
•Herbies Eyebrows ATTACK in SPACE
•Ducky stole my laptop
•USC_ if you cant beat em – sanction em
•You cant Sanction GAMEDAY
•Bowls are for Salad
•They may be Ducks, but weh’ve got the BILL$
•Look Ma Im all Ducked up on Quack
•Gumby Traded POKEY for Traveler
•The Ducks wear Halloween costumes Year round
•Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on cross country flight – FIGHT ON
•BAN US.. HATE us..now FEEL US!!
•IM wearing Lou Holtz’s Dentures
•CHIP kelly wears FUBU

Best signs at ESPN College Gameday in Missouri

Gameday in Columbia – First time for Mizzou.. they did a good job…all college Students: we get it EVERYONE has Bieber FEVER…its getting old…-ENOUGH..same with Pajama references…come on now…will someone in Columbia tell me what HARPOS is ? here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others send em in or post in the comments

•Smoke EM Like Don Draper
•Stoops I Crapped My Pants
•OU cant eat their Wheaties- They Lost Thier BOWLS
•Tigers OU a Beatin
•Bob Stoops uses Shake weights
•HUNGRY for a SMITH sandwich?
•Every Sooner Pees Sitting down
•I skipped the ACT for this
•Mizzou Dry Cleaning – we’ll pick up your LANDRY- ONE SACK at a time
•The SOONER #! falls the better
•Landry JOnes watches the WNBA
•Demarco Murray works out @CURVES
•If I made as much as STOOPS , I could afford a better sign

Best Signs at ESPN Gameday- Wisconsin

BIG turnout in Madison for the gameday show..some observations…lots of Terrelle Pryor signs..only ONE proposal for Erin Andrews…the Brett Favre sign was the best..and what was Holly Rowe doing wearing a Tight , black leather outfit…sorry holly u cant pull that off,…here are the best signs I saw on TV..if u saw others, send em in the comments or email

•Favre- Send me Pics
•OHI-Woes: Lebron James;Roy Halladay;John Clay
•Can you Smell what Buccky is Cookin?
•STUD? Kirk?
•Hey Kirk Herbstiet- Remember 1992?
•Hey Corso- Teach me how to Bucky
•Terrelle Cant Read
•Ohio State plays like Betty White
•Scott Rice is Bucky
•What the Hell is a Buckeye?

Best signs at ESPN Gameday in Columbia, SC

Quite a COCKY turn out in South Carolina this morning… some observations: How did “Cigar Man” get so popular? …Clearly no one like Saban outside of Alabama…PLEASE STOP with the Justin Bieber references … they are all the same..and getting old..same with Pajama jokes ..they are the same each week…didnt see too many CLEVER signs…but some good ones… here are the ones I saw, if u saw others….email em or post em in comments..

•Cocks POOP on Lees’s Pick
•Hey McElroy- you play like betty white
•Soylent Green Is People
•I beat McElroy in Middle School
•Stay Cocky My Friends
•Can Saban Even SEE over the Sideline
•Lattsaurus REX
•Julio Do you DARE STEPhON Gilmore Island
•Rudy was Offsides
•Elephant Ears= Breakfast of champions
•I will Crawl with YOU Corso
•Mallet and Lurch separated at Birth
•Julio DROPPED my other sign

Best signs seen at ESPN Collge Gameday- Eugene

Huge Turnout in Eugene for the Stanford- Oregon game sat night.. some pretty good signs… the Duck was feeling wild partying in the crowd… here are the best signs I saw on TV.. if u have some others email em or post em in the comments..

•Chris You Owe Me a Chalupa
•Jim’s Got a “CHIP” on His Shoulder
•Revenge on the NERDS
•How Many Pushups can your TREE do ? ZERO
•Touchdown Delivery via AIR MAEHL
•Ducks use instincts not LUCK
•WE dont need Vuvuzelas to get loud at Autzen
•Kwame is a Pork Chop
•Casy Matthews can i braid your hair?
•Grenades Go to Stanford
•Phil Knight went to Stanford so Oregon could get cool toys
•LUCK be a “lady ” tonite

Best signs seen on ESPN Gameday in Boise

WOW, great turnout in Bose , given that it was 7 am there when the show aired…I dont know why there was a giant turd mascot in the crowd, or why it looked like some fans were wearing turds on their heads….and because they are playing Oregon state tonite… u KNEW there would be a “save a tree – eat a beaver ” sign.and someday Chris Fowler and Lee Corso will learn how to pronounce NEVADA .here are the best ones i saw, if u saw others email em or post em in comments…

•BSU has the biggest Johnson
•Im not impressed with Ghandi’s Body of work
•Cyanophobia : Fear of Blue
•Mark May is a Tater Hater
•Erin Save the last Dance for me
•Chuck Norris Bleeds Blue
•Dr LOU Bleeds Blue
•Sharks Dedicate a week to Doig Martin
•Blue Paint for sale
•Welcome to Mr Rogers neighborhood