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Best signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Norman

espn gameday signsespn gameday signs

This week , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were in Norman Oklahoma for the Sooners game against Mizzou.  While i cant say the signs were as good as past sites, they were still entertaining. Each week there seems to be a theme, Bama had the Saban theme, LSU had the Tebow & taser theme. This week, there were plenty of signs that referred to the “I’m a man I’m 40”   For instance,  Curtis Lofton is a man! He’s 40!  or  I’m 40! I’m the Man! ( with photo of #40 Curtis Lofton). Some made the list, but sign makers need to know that signs  must actually be legible and seen on TV. Some are hard to read, some are obstructed.

The Wazzu flags were out as usual, and I also saw a Virginia Tech flag.  One marriage proposal ( Danielle will you marry me?) here are the best signs I could see and read on TV:

1. Corso wears a Murkin. ( it’s actually spelled “merkin”)

2. LSU can Bleaux me. ( i think this sign got nabbed by the sign police, after it was on TV)

3. Chase Daniel eats boogers. youtube it.

4. Chase Hungry? Why Wait?

5. Kirk, I’m a woman ! I’m 40!

6. Jabba The Mangino

7. LOL Michigan, LOL U$C, LOL Ucla

8. Must be this tall to beat the Sooners, Sorry Chase.

9. Save Carson Beckett ( Stargate Atlantis??)

10. Can we get more Notre Dame Coverage?

11. Yes, Of Corso !

12. I see Red People

13. ESPN: thanks for the coverage,-FOX Sports.

14. Sam #14 Chase Daniels Down

15. ESPN: Circle me

16. Gundy is a man, but Bob IS THE MAN.

17. Rhett Bomar washed my car.

18. I have a Man Crush on Stoops

19. Thanks for the Money Mom!

20. I hate 2 things: terrorism and Tejas football.

21. ( Borat says) Mizzou 6-0, NOT!

22. Choose wisely

23. Adam Miller in the house, whats up to all my boys.

24. Coaching Record: Corso 73-85, Stoops 86-19

25. Corso pick this hat

Some we didn’t get. Like” Hey Lee Lets Play H.O.R.S.E.” somrone will have to explain that , I missed it. OR Jen Mosley Rocks ( someone send a photo of this person, or is she famous in Norman?), OR “Evan Mayse pees”, who is this guy? perhaps a DU, because DU was on the other side of the sign loving Lou Holtz.

Signs are judged for creatvity,humor,  ability to get SEEN , caught by police, placement, and topical revalence.Or just if I liked them.  

 past weeks signs: