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I WAS WRONG the Patriots are frauds

patriots suck

I have to apologize, to everyone, because i pride myself on being correct and getting things right. I was so wrong on the Patriots. they are Frauds as the team of 90’s. they have been lucky at best, and no where NEAR as good as the Cowboys of the 90’s , the 49ers of the 80’s or the Steelers of the 70’s.

They are just another team. I congratulate the Giants for outperforming , and stepping up to the big game. they deserved the win. The motto of the super bowl was “who wants it most” wel, clearly the Patriots did not. And THAT is what separates them from the great team of the past. The Cowboys, 49ers, and Steelers would NEVER have been embarrassed like that, which leads me to believe that those THREE 3 pt super bowl wins were lucky, and not dynastic.

When i saw Bruschi playing with his kids on the field, i knew they would lose, sorry you don’t do that before a big game you want to win, it’s nice, but not KILLER football.

Clearly , the lay off did not hurt the Giants, the patriots were frauds all year, and they were NEVER close to being the bst of all time, they will be a footnote in history, and forgotten, because they they had NO heart, no drive, no focus,