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BEST signs at ESPN Gameday in Los Angeles

“PARTY Like There ‘s No Post Season!” According to Chris Fowler ” several signs confiscated”–EASILY some of the  best signs of the YEAR so far.. always good ones on the west coast where the MOST intelligent and Creative students are … of course that damn Wazzu flag hasnt been burned yet..but thier defence has each week.. DEsmond Howard in “White Face” was greathere are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Even PETA hates the Ducks
•He’s Climbing in Your windows ! He’s snatching yo laptops up!
•Herbies Eyebrows ATTACK in SPACE
•Ducky stole my laptop
•USC_ if you cant beat em – sanction em
•You cant Sanction GAMEDAY
•Bowls are for Salad
•They may be Ducks, but weh’ve got the BILL$
•Look Ma Im all Ducked up on Quack
•Gumby Traded POKEY for Traveler
•The Ducks wear Halloween costumes Year round
•Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on cross country flight – FIGHT ON
•BAN US.. HATE us..now FEEL US!!
•IM wearing Lou Holtz’s Dentures
•CHIP kelly wears FUBU