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Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday

college gameday signs oregon

This week the gang was in Eugene, and wild bunch those ducks, The Wazzu flag was out, we also saw a Valpo flag! Here are the best signs seen on TV at this weeks event.

1.      Longshore’s Cell number ( 661) 313-3126

2.      Herbstreit’s hot but Corso is Morso

3.      Les Miles More Tedford

4.      OJ stole my other sign

5.      I would have gone to Cal, but I wanted to be a Minority.

6.      Yo Colbert, these bears don’t scare me , but real bears do

7.      Chad in Portland OWNS Mike in Wichita

8.      Oregon Girls are easy

9.      DUCK U

10. feCAL happens

11.  Even Bears Yell O

12.  Everybody Pat Chung tonight

13.  E spn   S till   P luggin  N ike.

14.  Aren’t these the Guys that matter ( The duck, Chris, Lee, Kirk on Mt Rushmore)

15.  Mrs. Tedford says HI

16.  East Coast Bias is a Crime

17.  Cal Can’t cross our Autzen/Dixon Line

18.  SECond fiddle to the Pac 10

19.  Our mascot can beat up your mascot

20.   Show me your O face

**special mention:                       Σ sp/n = Bears Suck

I think the boys are headed to the Ohio State/Purdue game next week, we will all be watching..

 ********UPDATE the gang is going to the FLA/LSU game…check back monday for the rankings!

last weeks signs at alabama here:  https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2007/09/23/best-signs-at-espn-college-gameday