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Best Signs on ESPN College Gameday – Columbus

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Whats with the “horseshoe”  ?? the stadium is not shaped like one, it looked pretty enclosed to me ..IF i Draw a “U” and connect the top , its now an “O” , so enough about a horsehoe… Nice effort in colunbus, the Sarah Palin girl was great, let me know who you are !! lets see someone in Lubbock next week with GIANT pair of ears on a Barrak dude..red States almost always beat the blue states in football, ALmost! Ohio State fumbled away their chance to win.. I saw the usual flags, amd a shame-u sign

Whoever held up the “FOOTBALL JESUS ” Sign , 40 minutes into the show – YOU are the man! Next Assignment for Lubbock Fans :” Red Raiders LUV Football Jesus” or something cool and thanks to JOE for the pics..not Joe the Plummer, i wonder if he was there..???

Here is the list of the signs I could see on TV : it appears i missed several, that were really good, see the  comments

  1. TRESSEL: Ohio State’s Maverick- You betcha!
  2. I bought this beer from Ki Jana Carter
  3. Forget the Dow, in VEST with Tressel
  4. No Country For Old Men
  5. Kirk Is Gellin’
  6. Joe the Plummer says FLUSH the Lions
  7. Kirk Loves Lee’s Babyarm
  8. Dear George, PLZ don’t evict us
  9. Only Criminals wear all white after Labor Day
  10. Whos older ( Yoda) or ( joepa)
  11. Helen Keller is Lou Hotz’ translator
  12. JoePa is Older Than Jesus
  13. 0-7 since 1978
  14. JoePa Starts Forest Fires(?)
  15. Maybin Owns Pryor
  16. Swearingen =sasquatch
  17. Old People cant get a Break
  18. Hi Mom, send Corie’s jason ( ?)
  19. USS mt Whitney says GO Bucks ( support the troops!)
  20. Ohio has annexed Jeanette, PA

this would be better if it were true. :The Good( OSU) the bad ( USC) the  UGLY( Mich.)and the uglier( PSU)

Thats all i could see clearly, let me know what i missed, and send photos if you got em

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