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AT Last The Final FOUR ! Can I sweep it again?

  • More Free winners comin this week..My big $$ bets went 6-1 in the Sweet 16…and now on to the Final Four…where last year I gave out EACH PICK for all Three games FREE…and went 3-0..So Far I did bet Duke-2 over WestVa tonight…But until then ..More NBA winners comin up..and BASEBALL starts in ONE WEEK…there is still room on the baseball list, if you want the BEST BETS from vegas each day….I am glad I am peaking at the right time – March /April is always the BEST time to make $$ in Basketball.. for serious bettors, I text out EVERY bet , and  big money moves  at every sports book I go to..there is a “special ”  for Baseball.. or the rest of the NBA season.

    Dont  get caught watching the paint dry!