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NBA Bets for Finals in Vegas

More FREE winners! FREE pick I posted Monday cashed  with Texas Rangers–Free picks have cashed 7 of the last 8 .. More coming…

Starting Tuesday The NBA Finals get underway and this year will have a NEW champion, Both teams have star players and players who have been in Finals before, BUT before you start tossing money around in Vegas to bet the NBA- check with guys like myself who bet for REAL in Las Vegas. listening to ESPN talking heads or Charles Barkley wont cash in for you very often. The point spread is the great Equalizer, so is the 7 game format REMEMBER teams are trying to win series NOT necessarily every game, or trying to go OVER or Under the total- you better get some good information if you want to win.

IN 2010 in the NBA playoffs- I cashed  9-2 on series  bets, 10-2-1 NBA FINALS Games. NOW…155-64-2 in 2011- (70%), 7-3 in my series bets in Vegas going 22-5 to close MAY.. Now many professional bettors like me took FUTURES on Teams earlier in season to WIN NBA championship. Miami was +225 on Feb 18th to win the title. I did take a piece of that, But i will make MORE MONEY if Dallas wins, as They were as high as +280 to win NBA title in Mid MAY, and looking REALLY good sweeping Lakers.Most Big Money guys I know that didnt bet Dallas early, DID take em +180 when series line posted, Dropping the HEAT to -170.. The Price on Mavs is better than it should be, but Myself and other Big Money Bettors feel Heat is slightly better team…I was hoping Mavs would face the Bulls, but I still think this series will go 6-7 games no matter who wins, and the 2-3-2 Format will hold the Key. SO will GAME 1 Tuesday – Call me before you bet that game!

Super Bowl Propositions


NO, I have NOT Picked a side ATS for the Super Bowl. YET- I will though! However, People keep asking me about betting the Super Bowl Propositions. YES I do bet some, You can always find value.  But keep in mind that all propositions are designed to pay less than they should, so there are some to stay away from,  and dont bet too much on any of them- Remember when you bet something that is contrary to the team’s primary objective, you put your money at greater risk.  Call me for further details, but keep it in mind, and stay away from bets that do not last the whole game, like who will who will score the first TD, etc, you could find yourself with a stack of losing bets before the 2nd quarter. I did Bet one Proposition so far , the  OVER 46  total points scored in the game .

 Right now I am still winning basketball bets everyday, Like the T-Wolves +8 in the NBA Tuesday.everyone who contacted me Tuesday for the weekly picks, got em for FREE.  More Basketball bets Wednesday & Thursday and Free plays everyday! I have a bet in College Hoops and the NBA , call or email Myfootballjesus@yahoo.com

Im Going to the Beach!

Monday Night Football Pre season FREE Pick is the Seahawks +6.5, I made this bet sunday night , so thats the  best line I could get. I cashed in the Bills +6. Sunday,  everyone who contacted me Sunday, got the FREE big play on the Bills.  I will be at the beach in California  for the next few days, but call me anytime, to get set for the weekend..

REMEMBER college Football starts THIS Saturday, I will several plays then.

So get on board early. You know how to reach me…GO SEAHAWKS!!

NFL Football Saturday-Free Pick

Pre Season Picks now 16-8-1 , after Fridays action. The biggest mismatch is expected tonight, in week 3 of NFL summer action. Last night after the Patriots failed to beat the number for the 9th game in a row, he had a nice win from the Falcons, and the Big Underdog play on the Packers wins OUTRIGHT.

I have some strong numbers going tonight here in Vegas, and everyone should contact me me for tonights winner in the NFL, the best of this week, in my opinion. Sorry , no gimmicks and no “Game of the Year” just winning plays and I will tell you exactly how to bet this one and any others.

Another winning tonight, be a part of it!  Free Pick in Tonights action- Giants/Jets Contact me!

Welcome to Football Friday!

NFL record is now 14-7-1, Biggest bet in Pre Season going in week three, Tonights game just as good as last nights big bet on the 49er’s +3, they win outright! Same thing with my  baseball underdog play on the TWINS , that I gave out for free to everyone who called me. I even gave out a winner to my CFL friends in the great white north!

So many “experts” had their “game of the week ” or “50 star game of the year” on the Angels. Same guys who gave out the Browns on Monday or the Bears last night. Sorry. I don’t have “locks” or ” Game of the year” and i don’t ask for your credit card.

I’m not a service, I’m a consultant. I don’t like losing bets, and I will absolutely give you the best info from vegas. I have contacts all over the country. I study and do my homework. Contact me directly and  I can  get you the winning plays too, just contact me . The Pre season winning continues tonight:

Eagles/Patriots  Titans/Falcons  Texans/Cowboys  Packers/Broncos

Thursday Football 49ers – Bears

Big Football winner tonight in NFL pre season. Solid information will help us again, its week 3, many teams will be already be resting several players, and its the players who PLAY that I’m betting on. Baseball was ok again, last night, had a loser early ( jays) but had winners later( reds, Giants).  but enough of that game , I live for football, and i dont like losing, so i make it a point to win.

49ers/ Bears TONIGHT, start the week off with a winner, then you have chance to win em all! Contact me personally, as always.


Giants Win Big on Monday!

My biggest Monday Night bet so far cashes easy, as the G-Men romp. All my stats and info pointed to a Giants win , and then I went to the  sport book here in Vegas, i watched as every swingin dick walked in and popped down $20 or $50 bucks on the Browns, till the line went from -3 to Pk, That was the clincher. Then I made my bet and told everyone to do so as well. I made a couple small baseball bets which also won.

Then I watched the Giants roll. My Pre season bets are now 13-7-1, which isn’t bad for practice games. I already have a nice bet planned for Friday. I’m not really a religious guy, but someone told me about these Football Jesus bobbleheads. someone HAS to find these for me and send me one. , they are sold out ( of course!) here: http://www.toylounge.com/footjesbobhe.html

Contact me if you need a couple baseball winners ..

Monday Night Football Browns – Giants

Pre season football continues to roll on, with some teams showing up-Like the Lions winning BIG last nite,  and others like the Patriots who have failed to put in an effort and cover a point spread in EIGHT straight games dating back to December 9th, when they  beat up the Steelers.

This is almost unheard of. I dont know what Coach Bill is actually doing, but I’m sure it will pay off for him. So I will take the 1-1 last night and the 3-2 baseball and lets get a stronger result tonight.

Pre Season Monday Night Football, Browns at Giants. I have everything I need to CASH IN  on this game. Let me know if you need the info! pre season picks now 12-7-1

Winning day Saturday- who wants Sunday?

Congratulations to Mike Phelps, he IS the MAN! 8 Golds, and I always say no one  can go 100%, well I guess HE CAN! 

My Pre season football games are still doing well,  some close losses with the Jets and Saints, and the Chargers cover + 3, and A big bet on the Seahawks late- wins outright. But enough of the practice games, the Baseball bets WIN Toronto, Texas, Padres and  Dodgers. Halladay as a dog , Ive been going against Kendrick for awhile,  Tex off two shut outs- always a winner, and The Dodgers finally lose in extra innings. 5-3 for the night.

Pre season football can try your patience but you can win if you do your homework. My football Pre season record is now at 11-6-1. This is  when we use the free flow of information spoken and unspoken to gain an advantage, and make the right choice. This is how I build a bankroll for the regular season.

  • Tonight is NO DIFFERENT. I have  a nice easy winner on the the Pats/Buccs game and the Lions/Bengals. No time to shy away on info this good.

And lets get some more GOLD in Beijing as well.

Football Saturday Biggest Play tonight!

People have complained that I don’t give out my bets  early enough in the day. Well, I’m sorry.

I am not a sports “service”  I am a handicapping consultant, and professional bettor, -I do provide consulting for various bettors in and outside of Las Vegas.  I do this on a personal level, depending on individual needs.

Yes, if you contact me I can HELP depending on what you need.  Let me know and we will talk.  I do not like losses.  So i’m sorry if wait I  till late to make a winning bet. You can too. Contact me and I will get you in. The comp plays help everyone.

Friday continued  our winning run into the weekend, the baseball games went 2-1, and in football  the Raiders+ 4 came in .  Our pre season record is now 10-4-1  at 71%, and tonight is very good value play that will be the biggest bet of the Pre Season so far. As always I will have some others as well.

Lets have  great Saturday!