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Baseball Wins Tuesday. I Want Football… !

Tuesday  Winners: I had  Blue Jays,  Astros,  loser on the Padres except those who get RL’s at +1.5… THE BIG winner , USA Olympian Shawn Johnson-way to go kid!

Football Winner Thursday CFL, NFL, contact me.

Bills win easy Thursday -Ready for some Football Friday?

Big play on the Bills wins easy, the Steelers never had a chance in Toronto. Bills management wanted to show Toronto a winner, so they will support the future games being played there, THAT – AND my scouting told me the Bills would give an all out effort!

How about those Eagles? Waiting till the last 7 minutes to score 24 points. Panthers reserves just gave up.   What did Andy Reid do? Threaten to sit on them? And The Dodgers win AGAIN easy for us..

I have another NICE bet tonight in the NFL, pre season bets are now 9-4-1 ,  plus an easy  baseball game, which are 5-0  since Monday,

So win some clams because Saturday has a killer situation in the NFL, we will be taking advantage of, Just as good as our HUGE bet last week on the Chargers.

Contact me today to get ALL the winning moves this weekend.

Dodgers Win !

It was alot closer than I thought, but i really like this pitcher Kershaw, for the Dodgers, and that Philly pitcher Hamels wasnt doing well, lately. I also expected the dodger bullpen to do well, hoping to get the same guy that blew it against the Giants sunday. The price was TOO good for a dodger team trying to catch Arizona.  But I will take it, Our big play on the Dodgers  Cashed in!

A month ago i talked about getting the $500 bill back in circulation, for us gamblers in vegas. But after counting out the hundreds last night, I think i would rather have the $1000 bill !! 

I’m looking at a couple games tonight in baseball, But I REALLY love this NFL Pre Season Game tommorrow, get ready to load up!

Another WINNING Night!!!

WOW! The winning continues, for me, Football Jesus, and Olympic Swimmer Mike Phelps. I am compelled to watch this each night to see if he keeps on winning. I actually want to know who is having more fun, Phelps, or President Bush? You can tell he really likes being in Beijing, and he deserves it , its not often you get see your countrymen do so well at the Olympics, and its good PR for him and the family to be there.

Ok,  so the packers started out well, and usually win at home in pre season, but couldnt hang on, no big deal we cant win them ALL ! The baseball went 2-0, and although no football till Thursday,  I will have another pre season winning selection then. I did find a good baseball bet tonight. I dont bet big on baseball very often, but there is ONE  game that is going to win for us down in Socal, I’m on it BIG!

Football Friday Selections

three stooges

2-0 to start the week on Thursday, we are still 70% on the year for all the bets posted on this blog. I keep trying , but it is hard to get above that. It seems this weekend will be quiet in college football, but that’s just when spooky things happen. Several teams could be on upset alert, I’m thinking Kansas, Ohio State, Michigan, Boston College (again) among others. Espn College Gameday is even heading to the Amherst-Williams game. The Jeffs vs Ephs! That is how quiet it is this week, lets see how those boys do making signs this week.

Tonight, I hate to lay big numbers, in the rain, but Rutgers needs this game, and is much better than Army, So I bet them -17.5.  In the early games Saturday, I bet Wisconsin +3, Indiana-2,Tennesee-1,Texas A&M +20, & everybody and their brother loves Auburn, I’ve been on Georgia all year since the beginning, and I could not  pass up betting UGA-1.  UCLA is injured, bruised up, and burned up, I love what Dennis Erikson has done, and I already bet Arizona State-6.

I will have some updates on Saturday Morning.