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Best Signs ESPN Gameday -Wrigley

Not as Good as Last weeks signs, but a fun atmospere at Wrigley Field…The Gameday Show should have been at College Station for Nebraska Texas AM or at Stanford/Cal …here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Thank God I thought this was a cubs game
•You Should Be at College Station- GO HUSKERS
•Going to Be “ONE SIDED” go NW
•I’ve Gott 99 problems – Ron Zook aint 1
•Is this the line for Harry Potter?
•The Illini Defense is Wrigley”s latest NO HITTER
•Dumbldore wears Purple
•Ron Zook: Coming soon to an unemployment office near you
•Now BOTH teams are Cursed
•Evan Watkins Slays Pussy Nightly
•R I P Wrigley East Zone
•Home Teams dont win at Wrigley

Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Columbus

Gameday in Columbus Ohio for the UNEVENTFUL wipe out Ohio state will put on Penn State…Oh yah, they could have been at Georgia-Auburn…or South carolina- Florida—or San Diego State -TCU… but Herbie has to have obligatory time at Ohio State…some good signs , WHY no Red-0ut ? or Grey out? or a VEST OUT-not really a big game is it, unless u are Buckeyes waiting for a miracle loss out west…here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Le Bron SUCK THESE (nuts)
•Auburn Paid Me $200K to hold this sign
•OUR Quarterback plays for FREE
•The Lion Sleeps tonight
•Hey Joe Pa! What were dinosaurs like?
•Congrats MR 400- Years old
•Joe Pa All senior citizens should have LIFE ALERT +
•Mom Send Undies
•Nature Abhores a Vacuum-but not as cats do
•God Said “let there be light” Joe Pa pulled the switch
•What do Ellen Tressel and Ann Arbor have in common?
•Auburn is Pooting in thier JORTS
•Joe Pa its time to take your skills to south beach with Le Bron
•Corso Can you teach me to Dougie?
•Pryor Takes CELL tech

BEST signs at ESPN Gameday in Los Angeles

“PARTY Like There ‘s No Post Season!” According to Chris Fowler ” several signs confiscated”–EASILY some of the  best signs of the YEAR so far.. always good ones on the west coast where the MOST intelligent and Creative students are … of course that damn Wazzu flag hasnt been burned yet..but thier defence has each week.. DEsmond Howard in “White Face” was greathere are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Even PETA hates the Ducks
•He’s Climbing in Your windows ! He’s snatching yo laptops up!
•Herbies Eyebrows ATTACK in SPACE
•Ducky stole my laptop
•USC_ if you cant beat em – sanction em
•You cant Sanction GAMEDAY
•Bowls are for Salad
•They may be Ducks, but weh’ve got the BILL$
•Look Ma Im all Ducked up on Quack
•Gumby Traded POKEY for Traveler
•The Ducks wear Halloween costumes Year round
•Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on cross country flight – FIGHT ON
•BAN US.. HATE us..now FEEL US!!
•IM wearing Lou Holtz’s Dentures
•CHIP kelly wears FUBU

Best signs at ESPN Gameday in Columbia, SC

Quite a COCKY turn out in South Carolina this morning… some observations: How did “Cigar Man” get so popular? …Clearly no one like Saban outside of Alabama…PLEASE STOP with the Justin Bieber references … they are all the same..and getting old..same with Pajama jokes ..they are the same each week…didnt see too many CLEVER signs…but some good ones… here are the ones I saw, if u saw others….email em or post em in comments..

•Cocks POOP on Lees’s Pick
•Hey McElroy- you play like betty white
•Soylent Green Is People
•I beat McElroy in Middle School
•Stay Cocky My Friends
•Can Saban Even SEE over the Sideline
•Lattsaurus REX
•Julio Do you DARE STEPhON Gilmore Island
•Rudy was Offsides
•Elephant Ears= Breakfast of champions
•I will Crawl with YOU Corso
•Mallet and Lurch separated at Birth
•Julio DROPPED my other sign

Best Signs at ESPN Gameday in Florida

Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday in Tucson

Thanks for the Love Girls way to get that sign on TV…hope the free picks win for ya..Very Impressed with the number of appearances by ESPN out west this season- Just shows you how good the western teams are..BIG game for the Pac 10 tonite – im all over it! Here are some signs from this morning:

Best Signs at ESPN Gameday at Colorado Springs

Air Force jesus

I will be in the field all day today…took a road trip to watch the Washington -UCLA game …but will have updates later tonight after the game…call me or email if you need me… here are some signs seen at ESPN Gameday Army-Air Force game.

: airforce2airforce5airforce8airforce6airforce9airforce11

here are the signs I saw

1. Air Force fixed army’s problem since 1947

2. I will find you Bzdeck

3. Me Like Planes

4. Mt cody eats corndogs for breakfast

5. BOMB Army

6.Mules cant fly – Go Falcons

7.Where are all the Girls?

8. I study Astronautical Engineering during commercial breaks

9. Corso Tench Hut

10. This is Mandatory

11.YO ! Corso_ Can I get  a night Pass?

12. Lee Corso Naked man

13 Rock Out with your Hank Out

14. How Strong? TEW strong

15 Amnesty from CORSO

16 FREE  Mad Dog- Nikki Dola Marry Me

Best ESPN College GameDay Signs in Eugene


It was early on the WEST coast, but the pac 10 has sack, and had a HUGE turnout for the gameday crew: here is what I saw:

1. Lee Corso is My Father

2.Kirk Picked Utah, Cal, UCLA, and UW over Oregon

3.Im ducked up on Quack

4.these Trojans arent 99.9% effective

5.WARNING: Trojans ineffective against the spread Of-Fence

6.I love Scotch

7. Abe predicts UO beats USC by 4 Score.

8.Gameday Visits to Eugene: 4 Corvallis: 0

9.Matt Barkley reads Twilight

10. Trojans: we use them Once and we throw them away

Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Provo, Utah

BYU luvs JesusIt was all about “cougars” in Provo today- Players and old women…ESPN actually made the RARE Trip west , after using up the SEC and Big 10 coupons… I will have some more signs comin up today..thanks to Joe for sending pics..and real good turnout, with some entertaining signs, would love to hear about the one’s the sign police took away!

1. I left my wife in the Delivery room to be here

2. Desmond is Super Fly

3. Erin is a cougar

4.Corso doesnt always choose Non BCS games but when he does he prefers BYU-He is the most interesting man on Gameday

5. Kirk Im all Jacked up on Mountain Dew

6.Hey TCU in the words of Jim Rome: “goodnight Now”


8.Screwing TCU from BCS game is NOT an Honor Violation

7. Corso: Thou shalt Pick COSMO

8.I have a mancrush on Pitta

9.Dalton Dates Cougars

10 My wife is a cougar

11. Do The HAKA

12.Cougars eat FROGS for appetizers

13. Florida State was Fluke

14. My dream is to meet Lee Corso

15.Mountain West: where the Wild Things are

16. I always ask Corso on Defence

17 ESPN GamedaY is UNGAlievable

18. JoJo#26 is my Homeboy

19.T C Who?- bronco for president

20. SEND $$$ MOM

ESPN College GameDay Signs in Dallas

College Gamedayin Dallas

HUGE turnout in Dallas, but not many good signs on TV, Half the show was moved into the stadiums, so that didnt help, and its hard to read thru the “net” behind the stage…but there were some goodones..and Thanks to my fans on the Longhorn Cheer staff..sorry tho, I took the Sooners..this time ! what the heck is ROCKSHO check it! ??  Best signs I saw:


1. I came from Colorado in a Homemade Balloon

2. Fried Butter cures hangovers

3. Kirk , O, U , R so fine

4. Three men 4 a baby ( see above thumbnail)

5 Charlie says “Irish i was a Trojan”

6. Chicken Stoops for the Bowl Losing soul

7. Football  Jesus will Hook em!