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Best Signs At ESPN College Gameday

espn college gameday

The picture above IS NOT from this past weekend, just an example of how funny the college kids can get AND wht you see on TV. 

BELOW are the best signs seen  in the crowd at last weeks College Gameday on ESPN, in Tuscaloosa, AL.

** TWO Wazzu Cougar flags were seen, as the faithfull pledge to be at all gameday telecast UNTIL the crew goes to Pullman, WA. Good Luck.  we will keep looking for the flags. more info on that from the man responsible: http://washington-state-magazine.wsu.edu/stories/2005/August/HowCoug.html

1. $uck It $aban. This was visible right behind Coach Saban on set, and 30 seconds later it was gone . The Gameday Police got him.

2. If this sign gets on TV i get $20

3.Auburn Players can’t read this.

4. Corso should never be on HD.

5. Hounds tooth is for your grandmothers sofa.

6. Auburn : it could be worse, ND

7. f UG ly

8.Tom Luginbill is my homeboy

9. Paris Hilton cut out in Bama jersey.

10. Nick is already recruiting me

11. Bama & Vick Beat Dawgs

12. Fear The Process

13. Chuck Norris tells Saban jokes.

14. My wife loves Kirk Herbstreit.

15. Hey Brother, Tuberville’s a Jabroni

16. John Parker, will you marry me?

17. Herbie Loves GA girls.

18. Ranmer Jammer Yellow Hammer

19. 2000 and Saban

20. 4 sale, UGA practice tapes.

Be back next week, we see if the wazzu flag still flies..and how clever today’s youth are. 

UPDATE: smitbo7 // Sep 24th 2007 at 1:16 pm (edit)what about the “O.J. stole my tickets” sign? or “Don’t worry Vick we got this one!”
The Gameday police got those two early.
Of course “Brandon Cox for Heisman” was a nice slap at Auburn fans.