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the Alamo is NOT a Dome


A roof is NOT a DOME.  Here is the Definition of DOME , from Webster’s Dictionary:, Dome;  a large hemispherical roof or ceiling, For those of you in Rio Linda, etc, Hemispericial means half sphere shaped.  NOT SQUARE or rectangular. So all you San Antonians STOP calling it a dome, ok, it’s a roof. There I Said it

As for the games, I keep hearing all week that these teams are so good, that there is no way to lay any points , because the games will come down to the final possessions. This is  B S .  It doesnt matter how good or how bad a team is, if they score  points and shoot close to 60% of their shots , they will win , if they dont- like Stanford who shot 30% from the field, then good teams lose and lose big. Look at the BIG games from this year, Duke-Carolina, Memphis- Tenn., Kansas-Tx, etc…these games were not decided by 3 pts, and the Final Four will be no different. The winning team will be ahead by 10 points with 5 minutes to go certainly with 2 minutes to go, so the point spread does not factor in. I bet kansas Last Sunday at +2, and I bet UCLA today at +3

 MONDAY UPDATE: Wow, what a tournamnet. It seems like it just started a couple of weeks ago. 62 games played so far, the bets went 40-22. Tonight I bet Kansas+3 at Leroys’s , buy the half point as always! The Jayhawks have played better teams all season, in the tourney, and they are a smarter , better coached team.

 I’ll be back for Football season, if you need me for any advice, contact me , i will have baseball info and winning bets all summer.


Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday-THE ALAMO

espn santa college gameday

ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso,  Kirk Herbstreit, were at the Alamo, where this show died for the season. Desmond didn’t even show, he got to go to Hawaii !  The Wazzu flag is STILL at these sites, even though they fired their coach –Doba.  The signs were the least entertaining of the season. Maybe because the site was off campus, maybe beacause this was a rematch, I don’t know.  Look kids, I have already seen signs about “minibvans”  “boogers” someone for “president” or “heisman”, “mangino” is hugry , we get it. Enough with “its gonna happen”  we get it, we have seen it, it’s December , I expect playoff caliber signs ! No more repeats. With that in mind, here is the list. 

The best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      Bradford Doesn’t Belive in Santa

2.      Bob Knight shoots his neighbors

3.      Where’s Desmond?

4.      Dodge is Chase’s daddy

5.      Stops shops at Lowes.  ( sponsor  home depot upstet?)

6.      Tebow is Home watching Chase

7.      Oklahoma Irrevelent in November

8.      Missouri waltz-ing to a title

9.      We’ll kick Les Miles @#$ too! ( from Ohio state)

10. Davy Crockett was a tiger Fan

11.  we’re STILL partying like it’s 1863

12.  I cut the tigers tail

13.  Alanna lets go see a movie.

If you could see any that were original in content, relevency, funny, and were on screen, let me know.

Next week, we will post the top signs from the WHOLE SEASON.  Your nominations welcome.

Some Previous weeks signs: