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Just wrapped up the bowl season with 12-8-1 week betting the NFL and bowls including MY ROSE BOWL BETS with FREE pick winner , making my record since dec 1, 2016,  54-25-4 , we made some money in vegas !!  NFL is doing GREAT , PEAKING at the right time for the playoffs!  I have more good ones for this week + don’t miss my Super Bowl bets  !  every year we make money on game, total and Prop bets , special rate for next 4 weeks thru Super Bowl and if you want daily basketball let me know

*** Superbowl update _ I cashed in 75%of my super bowl bets from Coin toss to Overtime , Great season – dont miss next year! starting with SPRING FOOTBALL and the CFL ! 


ON to the NFL play offs ! lets keep the streak going

Just wrapped up the bowl season winning 71% overall + my ROSE BET won again ! always a winner…we made some money in vegas– NFL is doing GREAT , PEAKING at the right time in the playoffs! since dec 1.  Dont miss out on the the NFL playoffs  i already have BIG bets for this week, and when the super bowl comes there will be plenty of winning PROP bets

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Super Bowl Re-Cap- Big Day in Vegas

superbowlGreat end to the 2013-14 Football season with a HUGE Sunday .  Not only did we start the day with a nice NCAA hoops win on Oregon State , but BOTH FREE picks i gave out on Superbowl CASHED in Vegas including the Seahawks win. Overall I made 24 bets on Super Bowl , side total and various propositions only 2 LOST, 20-3-1 . The safety cost me  2 losses. AS it ruined  ” No score in 1st 6.5 mins” and cost me my bet on “more pts in 4th qtr than 1st qtr”- by 1 POINT!

But overall a GREAT football season my playoff run ended up 41-10-1 to end the season … Dont miss Next season’s bets & i will keep the winning into Basketball.

NFL bets on HUGE roll into Super Bowl !

get all my bets on Super Bowl !FREE pick on Seahawks wins on Championship Sunday ! NFL bets are now 21-7 the last 5 weeks as we roll into Super Bowl Week. Free picks are 8-1 in 2014.. I will have more Free picks in Basketball + Free Super bowl bet .

NFL bets on nice Roll 71% in Vegas

FREE pick for this week in NFL : SeahawksFree Pick on Divisional round in NFL wins again !. Cashed in big again the past week FREE picks 6-1 in 2014  NFL bets 71 % 15-6 last 4 weeks – rolling into the AFC/ NFC Championship Games —GOOD bets for Championship Sunday . My Future bets I made  last summer are in Action:  Seahawks at +400 to win NFC and Broncos +250 Patriots+350 .. so the weekend should come out ok …but there are good bets on the TOTALS in these games … call me before lines MOVE in Vegas!.and a SPECIAL rate for Basketball bets this week or month..You choose!

NFL Play Offs Making me $$ in Vegas

Perfect Wild Card weekend
for me betting NFL . Chiefs+ points cashed in, Saints + Points cashed in , as did Chargers… and  Another Free pick winner on packers+ 3.5 , I also cashed in on UNDER in packer/49ers.. I always do well in NFL play offs and ALREADY have GREAT bets for the Divisional Round of NFL play Offs this week!.and a SPECIAL rate for Basketball bets this week or month..You choose!