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Sports betting is LEGAL in Las Vegas, NV… thats where i make bets..IF you want to know what I am betting for your own entertainment purposes …I can text my bets  to you.

You can go through each page and post here back almost two years, and see all the the plays I posted , but here is the last few months worth:

ended football season ’08 28-9  if you include the posted super bowl props i posted: 4 wins, 1 loss, cards didnt win straight up, Here :
here are the bets i posted BEFORE the games as Free plays in 2009, the more recent are at the bottom
W  Posted  Saturday March 21, for Sunday 22nd,
TWITTER updates:
I say Stanford will win by 10 in the opening round of the Pac 10, free plays everyday in March,call or email, 1:54 PM Mar 11th, 2009  from web
W   If you want em, call me or email, TWO BIG BETS in the Pac 10 semis tonite, FREE play today is Golden State Warriors, 10:30 AM Mar 13th, 2009 from web
W  yes, I bet two games BIG in NBA, but in the NIT ? free pik is Oregon State beavers+ points, free piks daily & info 2:30 pm March 25, 2009  from web
W  NBA bets on 4-1-1- run, 2 bets 2nite in NBA 1 In NCAA, get em by text message directly, Free play tonite is Oklahoma, 3:44 PM Mar 27th from web
W, North Carolina has a better bench,& coach, at least 3 good players-Sooners have 1, I have to go with the Tarheels, march 29, 2009 at 12:12 pm from web
W Ok get some money on the mavs in the NBA, only -8 here, thats the best free pick today, big play later, go to,4:28 PM Mar 31st from mobile web
W the more i look at it, it seems the milwaukee bucks can get the cover tonite, the information i just got looks solid. !! 1:13 PM Apr 1st from mobile web from mobile web
W  I Made One Good bet in the NBA tonite-I also bet North Carolina for saturday’s Final Four, call me or email for info:  3:07 PM Apr 1st from web  from web
W-Gotta Love michigan state plus the points in this first game , of the Final Four, But the better bet is in the NBA, line off by 4-5 point 3:12 PM Apr 4th from web  from web
W the popular bet is the Mets, everybody loves em, in this first game, price is way to high for my $ better deal with reds +1.5 RL -120, 9:21 AM Apr 6th from mobile web ,
W, I have a bet on North Carolina-7 the big money will be coming soon on tarheels, but it is the side to be on, 12:36 PM Apr 6th from mobile web from mobile web
W , Just got back from the sportsbook, i made TWO big bets in NBA,FREE play on Houston Rockets, more L8tr, get on the list 10:41 AM Apr 7th from web
W the astros are -140 on RL, +1.5, at home, but the over is my pick in houston, smart $ agrees 10:30 AM Apr 8th  from mobile web
L. the over in wiz-cavs makes sense to me with no d to be played here, neither team will put up an effort on d, y should they? smart $ agrees2:53 PM Apr 8th from mobile web
W, portland trailblazers getting 3 points now, if u like the blazers now is the time, this is the right spot! 3:57 PM Apr 8th from mobile web
W, the more i look at this line up for the warriors the more i think the wolves can keep it close or win tonite in NBAabout 21 hours ago from mobile web
W, meanwhile the under is the late $$ play here in Orlando, 211 is too high here for this one, magic shoud have some good effort here 2 stay lo4:31 PM Apr 10th from mobile web
W, i still belive the mavs line is too high, twolves + points is the way to go, they can stay within 12 , if mavs nap, wolves can win4:19 PM Apr 13th from mobile web
W, good chance for an Under in portland tonite, $$ is on over , but i thinks its an under play, thats a good one to bet later i say1:56 PM Apr 15th from mobile web
W everyones favorite parlay here at this casino is Yanks/ cubs, of course i dont make parlays, besides clev +1.5 is a better deal, if u bet it8:43 AM Apr 16th from mobile web
L my guys in sea, say the clubhouse is sky high with confidence, and they have been waiting to sweep angels for a long time9:51 AM Apr 16th from mobile web
w, i also got some good info on the Cubs game, i bet a few K’s on the Over , u can too its freebie!10:05 AM Apr 18th from mobile web
L, made a really big bet for Tues in NBA and bet Baseball 2nite, free play if u want it: Boston Celtics, get more at PM Apr 20th from web

L., i will let u have the free play on the under 212 in Jazz/Lak, my info from LA is that the “D” will show up 2nite, so there u go3:03 PM Apr 21st from mobile web

W. the Over 9 is what i like today in yankee stadium, thats the “smart” play early, and i look toward bettin that soon9:19 AM Apr 22nd from mobile web

W., just added anothe 2K on baseball bet 2nite, free play is in NBA, bet Under in the LAK/Jazz game, that will get u to the window to cash2:59 PM Apr 23rd from mobile web

L- I have two Bigger plays in the NBA and Baseball tonite but if you want the FREE pik, its the Lakers -12, Bombs away!4:46 PM Apr 27th from TweetDeck

W-Lots of requests for another FREE play, tonite its Orlando-8,the place should be rockin,my BEST bet goes L8tr, get on it PM Apr 28th from TweetDeck

W, I bet 2 basebll totals 2nite, and at-5.5 now, the celtics are the free pick 2nite, or U can get em all 4:50 PM May 2nd from mobile webthese

L FREE PIK is Boston Celtics, they will get you to the window tonite, Biggest bets go LATE in NBA , still time to get em, PM May 4th from TweetDeck

L, I have 2 Large $ Bets in the NBA, and 2 in baseball,FREE play from me here in vegas, is the UND 208 in Denver, get m all PM May 5th from TweetDeck

W i have the lakers to win series, so i didnt bet this side but if u needed a free bet late hard not to look at lakers -10 before $$ hits here7:16 PM May 6th from mobile web

L, W, W, UNder 181 ATL/CLE, OVER10 CHI/HOU, OVER 9.5 MIL/CIN @PickContest3:36 PM May 7th from web

W, L, W -@FootballJesus) BB Over 193 LAK/HOU, White Sox -120, Over 9.5 ATL/PHI3:56 PM May 8th from web

L,W,L -(@FootballJesus) BB : OVER 10 ATL/PHI, TBay Rays +140, Mariners+11512:03 PM May 9th from web

W, L,W -(@FootballJesus) BB Over 209.5 in Den/Dal , Und 7 in Atl/mets, and Indians-1301:40 PM May 11th from web

W, W, L – (@FootballJesus) BB: UND 199 Hou/LAK, Pirates+100, Angels -12511:40 AM May 12th from web

W,W,W (@FootballJesus)  Brewers-110 | OVER 10.5 SEA/TEX | OVER 8.5 KC/OAK 2:44 PM May 13th from web

W, L,L (@FootballJesus) OFF 3-0 OVR 9 Cle/TB | UND 9 NYM/SFG | OVR 197 LAK/HOU2:07 PM May 14th from web

W,W,W,(@FootballJesus) Rangers -120 | Mariners +1.5 RL -115 | CLE/TBay OV 9.51:55 PM May 15th from web

L,L,W,@FootballJesus) OFF 3-0   OV 9 BOS/SEA | Giants RL +1.5 -110 | Marlins -120 |10:43 AM May 16th from web

W.L,W  @FootballJesus) WS 12-6 Rangers+100 | OVER 8.5 BOS/SEA | Giants-1159:44 AM May 17th from web

W, W, L(@FootballJesus) WS 14-7, REdSox-135, Cardinals+110, OV 9.5 OAK/TBAY1:04 PM May 19th from web

W,W,W, (@FootballJesus) WS16-8 RedSox -130, Dodgers-130, Mariners+1301:11 PM May 20th from web

L,L,L FootballJesus)  WS 19-8, | Phi/NYY OV 11 | Cavs-9 |UND 9 Mil/MINN3:51 PM May 22nd from web

L,L,L FootballJesus) WS 19-11 CAROLINA-130| LAA +105 | OV 8 SFG/SEA2:23 PM May 23rd from web

L,L,L (@FootballJesus) COL/DET OV 10, PIT/CHI OV 9, ASTROS +105 9:20 AM May 24th from web

L, W, W, FootballJesus) Twins -120 | Brewers -120| WHIteSox +1409:56 AM May 25th from web

W, W, W(@FootballJesus) BB Tor/Bal UND 9.5, INDianS+110, Stl/MiL OV 8.53:32 PM May 26th from web

L,L,W,(@FootballJesus) OFF 3-0 WHIteSox RL +1.5-120, RANgerS+120, LAK-6 3:59 PM May 27th from web

L, W, W(@FootballJesus) WS 6-3, REdSox-125, UND 9.5 Min/TBay, GiANTS-1203:19 PM May 29th from web

W,L,W, (@FootballJesus) WS 8-4 ReDS+115| RedWings-150| MARiNers-110 3:03 PM May 30th from web

L,W,W(@FootballJesus) WS 10-5 ROCKiES -145, DODGERS+125 , RedWiNGS-15011:11 AM May 31st from web

L,L,W(@FootballJesus) WS 12-6 RedWings+140, RocKies-135, AZ/LaD OV 7.5  3:48 PM Jun 2nd from web

L,W,W (@FootballJesus) WS 13-8 Tigers+130 ReDS+115, OV 9 Mil/FLA3:40 PM Jun 3rd from web

W, Rain, L(@FootballJesus) WS 15-9 LaK-6 | BRaves-130 | DoDGERS-1052:19 PM Jun 4th from web .

L,W,L(@FootballJesus) BB OV 10 iNYM/Wash | DoDGERS-125 | Padres+100  3:31 PM Jun 5th from web

W.W,L@FootballJesus) BB SEA +100, LaD-115, UND 8.5 BaL/OAk12:36 PM Jun 6th from web

L, not many goodies 2day but 4 FREE, take Lakers-6.5, i dont hav 2 bet it, becuz of my series bet but u can  12:38 PM Jun 7th from TweetDeck

L, you guys on the BIG $ list have the best $$ plays for tonite FREE play UND 199  3:29 PM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

W, Thats the best Free pick today is ReDsox-120…i did find a couple of good spots to bet some BIG $ on as well..and will text it out shortly 1:14 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck

W, some people havent UPGRADED from free picks yet. last nite was a win with red sox, for FREE i will give you one TOTAL, UNDER 9.5 in NY/BoS  3:43 PM Jun 11th from TweetDeck

W, This morning at the sportsbook, joes are sticking with those CUBS, and Under. Some smart $ on the twins, i agree they are good interLG tm 9:41 AM Jun 12th from TweetDeck

W, I do like the OVER in CHI, but there isnt much room for error with the number set 8 or 8.5 , i may go to another book where the line is 8  9:43 AM Jun 12th from TweetDeck

W, Popular ploy tonite is to take TOR -1.5 … which i do not condone, i would prefer taking +1.5 with FLA..unless halladay is going distance 1:41 PM Jun 12th from TweetDeck

L, Hope you got on those TWINS and OVER i told u about this morning, a nice 2-0 to start InterLGE play, Free play for tonite is the OaK A’s  2:26 PM Jun 12th from TweetDeck

W, still think TOR will have trouble with those pesky marlins this morning, smart $ hit FLA at most books here in vegas, JOES on CUBS again  9:38 AM Jun 13th from TweetDeck

W, Twins free play won yesterday, and would stay with em again, cant see any reason to back the cubs at this point, maybe sunday   9:40 AM Jun 13th from TweetDeck

W, now the mets blew one last night, but today u can get mets +1.5 -110, which is the best bet in that game , smart $guys betting  UNDER in NY  11:48 AM Jun 13th from TweetDeck

W, at the casino, most JOES finally OFF yankees and ON METS today..but i belive they are bit late, i had METS SAT, prefer Yanks today..9:44 AM Jun 14th from TweetDeck

W, @RiotBoyer At the vegas books on the strip, the big money is all on WhitSX, i would go with that, in this 1st gm of sers and go from there10:59 AM Jun 17th from TweetDeck

L, I am looking at2 MORE big $ bets on games out west go wi/others & speaking of the aWEST good free play 2nite would be on ROCKIES1:31 PM Jun 16th from TweetDeck

W, @RiotBoyer That TOTAL in St L doesnt leave room for error, one big night from Pujols or another guy and u are dead, i prefer the OVER 7 runs4:08 PM Jun 16th from TweetDeck

W, once in a while i have to “bend ” my own rules when the information is really strong on a game , so the FREE pik is on Orioles..2:36 PM Jun 17th from TweetDeck

W, I have been getting good stuff my guys in in san diego, if you need a FREE play early, bet the PADRES…but i have BIG $ bets comin later  11:35 AM Jun 18th from TweetDeck

W, The early free play is a WIN with padres$$$ but WED freeplay on O’s won , so lets roll with em again tonite w/FREE pik tonite is ORiOLES  3:47 PM Jun 18th from TweetDeck TweetDeck

W, Sum Smart $ on under, the Joes that are up, LOVE THE CUBS again…I won on cubs FRI, i wont take em Today.OVER looks good..better bets later9:28 AM Jun 20th from TweetDeck

W, hey @RiotBoyer , No problem, Early play on Over in CHI wins$$$, and free plays are 12-2 tell em to take the DODGERS as tonites free pick 2:58 PM Jun 20th from TweetDeck

W, GOOD info from CHICAGO today ,Free pick is on the CUBS. Or UPGRADE to my late Big $ Prsnl bets goin later, hap Dads day!10:34 AM Jun 21st from TweetDeck

W, With Damon Out the UNDER 9.5 in ATL tonite…looks even better than it did this morning…there is a free one for ya..3:23 PM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck

W, So if you need a FREE play the Tampa Bay Rays will get it done for us..or you can bet all my BIG $ plays tonite out west 3:27 PM Jun 24th from TweetDeck

W, ASTROS win our first Big $ bet today, Free plays are 17-2 in interleague play, tonites free pick is Nationals, or get my personl late plays 3:41 PM Jun 25th from TweetDeck

W, @mctrees02 hey @RiotBoyer .we already have BIG wins in early games ,YEE ha- $$$ tell em to take Dodgers as the Free pick for tonite  6:45 PM Jun 29th from TweetDeck in reply to mctrees02

W, Free piks in June 27-9, Start off JULY with a FREE pik on RANGeRS tonite, U can get all BB FREE in JULY call or details: PM Jul 1st from TweetDeck

L, Free plays are on a 12-0 run , I’m on the beach in Laguna so tonites free pik in on SanDiego PADRes .. Let’s have another winning nite 6:36 PM Jul 3rd from TwitterBerry

W,W Free plays finally lost 1 last night .now 12-1 run..BOUNCE back with FREE picks on Yankees & Nationals Today & have happy 4Th of July -get sum fireworks! 9:43 AM Jul 4th

W, Info from my sources in SF says b2Back “0”‘s from HOU has them set to win So play the ASTRoS as Free Pick today,I have BIG $ on late game..10:04 AM Jul 5th from TweetDeck

W, Great info coming from the WEST and i made 2 BIG $ bets…you can Upgrade to em, OR play the FREE pik on San Fran Giants  4:09 PM Jul 7th from TweetDeck

W, Free plays 1-0 this week & 15-1 run. U asked for FREE pik on ATL/COL my info says its a MILE HI OV 9 in COL tonite Or get my best bets L8TR 3:42 PM Jul 9th from TweetDeck

L, Free plays 2-0 this week & 16-1 run. Most want TEX/SEA . so FREE pik is On Mariners to get us the cash- AHOY 3:45 PM Jul 10th from TweetDeck

W, Free plays 2-1 this week & 16-2 run.My west coast info points to the LA Angels todays FREE PICK -best bets L8TR 11:41am July 11 2009 from TweetDeck

L, IF you listened to the radio show i was a guest on yesterday, you know i prefer the national league to win to the ALL Star Game9:09 AM Jul 14th from TweetDeck

W, MY FREE picks are 17-3..FREE pick FRIDAY is the Astros..or UPGRADE to my Best bets in CFL and BB 2:27 PM Jul 17th from TweetDeck

W, have some BIG $ bets out west..My info from the EAST & my numbers say YANKEES win today… so you guys  can have NYY as FREE pik sunday  9:54 AM Jul 19th from TwitterBerry

L, Free piks are 19-3 run…Im makin a BIGGER Bet later on west coast game.. BuT FREE pick is on PHILLiES to keep phlyin  9:38 AM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

W, Free piks 19-5 , I have big bets out west later, but u can have the free pik on Tigers today, my info says they win for us $$12:36 PM Jul 25th from TwitterBerry

L, Free plays are 20-6 lately here on twitter..west coast games have been $$ all month, Tonite take PiRATES as Free pik5:01 PM Jul 28th from TweetDeck

L, Free picks are rolling ,all the info i have from west coast sources say BET UNDER 10 in Cle/ LAA tonite -theres yor Free pick6:22 PM Jul 27th from TweetDeck

W, @bassd77 If you want a FREE pick get on those Mariners today..or UPGRADE to my Best bets going later 1:06 PM Jul 29th from TweetDeck

L, FREE Pick Fridays .I bet the Colts + 3 at many spots in Vegas, earlier today, good luck to all tonite –call me w/ Q’s 4:14 PM Aug 14th from TweetDeck

W, @Colin_Levesque The BIG $ bets are later but The free pick today is the INDiANS , in baseball , they should get us a win early today11:38 AM Aug 15th from TweetDeck in reply to Colin_Levesque

W, @RiotBoyer yes its Free pick Friday , i have big bet on a TOTAL in baseball and in the NFL, the free pick for tonite is the SanFran Giants3:33 PM Aug 21st from TweetDeck

W @RiotBoyer The Free plays are 3-1 in AUG, tonite the free pick for friday is the DET TiGERS, good luck to all of us again tonite 2:54 PM Aug 28th from TweetDeck in reply to RiotBoyer

P @TDubbs76 if you missed the radio show this morning the free pik was on the Arizona wildcats -13, that i bet at MGM10:55 AM Sep 4th from TweetDeck in reply to TDubbs76

W, AS i told TK , then line is VEGAS is up to 6.5 now on the Titans/Steelers… U can BUY a 1/2 and get +7 and i told him to take the POINTS .3:32 PM Sep 10th from TweetDeck

W, if you heard the Podcast with @tkradio in WASH DC, sat, you heard the FREE pick on Raiders + points for MNF- still here 4:55 PM Sep 14th from TweetDeck

L, @RiotBoyer If you missed the radio spot i did today , the free pick was on Oregon State + the points for saturday nite in Pac 10 play11:48 AM Sep 18th from TweetDeck

W, @EdSugarman i just posted the free pick on the OVER in tonite’s #MNF football game down to 41 in vegas, Lets cash with that !! 1:58 PM Sep 21st from TweetDeck in reply to EdSugarman

W, @jamescarr89 Free pick on the Friday Podcast was cowboys for Monday night in case you missed it , or couldnt tune in .. 11:01 PM Sep 25th from TweetDeck in reply to jamescarr89

L, @Part_two No problem if you missed the radio show, the Free pick this week is the GB Packers monday night + points9:46 AM Oct 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to Part_two

W, The #Dodgers +135 to win the series over the Cardinals is a really good deal in the opening Round… thats the baseball Free pick for you..9:21 PM Oct 6th from TweetDeck

W, @Country_ry The free picks are doing great 9-3-1 run, since AUG 1, tonites free play is on the OVER in Jets/Dolphins – There you go  3:39 PM Oct 12th from TweetDeck in reply to Country_ry

L, @winone Free picks are 10-3-1 in Fball season -If you Missed the Podcast /Radio show i did , free Pick this week is Chargers MON nite!10:40 AM Oct 18th from TweetDeck in reply to winone

L-I got USC -20 here in vegas, there is your Free pick this week- #USC will by at least 3 TDs , at home vs the beavers..9:25 AM Oct 22nd from TweetDeck

W-@riotboyer Free picks are still making money in football season 10-5-1, NFL free pick this week i bet the OVER 37 in PHIL/WASH Mon.   10:31 AM Oct 25th from TwitterBerry

W @Part_two Your welcome man, free picks doing well , i made multiple plays in #NBA tonite here is one for free- the UND 199 in ORL/NJN 3:30 PM Oct 30th  from TweetDeck

W-@craigchinn if you listened to the Podcast from #tkradio: , you got the Free pick for #MNF , on the FaLCONS+ the points in tonites game 12:41 PM Nov 2nd from TweetDeck

W   SEC game of the week podcast analysis i did with with @jamescarr89:SEC picks, more thoughts on UGA … PM Nov 6th from TweetDeck Alabama-8 , On podcast,

L, @TwinDrive if u heard the wed podcast i said Broncos should win Mon night in NFL- i bet em + points last night- thats a Free pick in NFL 8:01 AM Nov 8th from TweetDeck

Wor P, @craigchinn that total on OKC/Sacramento game is still only 199 i bet it under 200 this morn-u can have that for a free pick in NBA 3:54 PM Nov 10th from TweetDeck

W-@sketch80823 i have some big bets – but since the free play pushed for most last night – take the UNDER 185.5 in OKC/Clippers game 2:08 PM Nov 11th from TweetDeck

W-@88Vegas88 Free pick was on the fri podcast- we discussed tenn/Ole Miss- i told him i bet ole miss early in the week- over tenn 8:36 AM Nov 14th from TweetDeck

L-@sawastea did the podcast about an hour ago…Best bets tonite are in NBA but the Free pick is on the Browns+ points – may win whole game! 3:10 PM Nov 16th from TweetDeck

W- @jamescarr89 Chi Bulls were a 1 point dog then big $$ moved em to a 1 pt fav-i took em for some -Theres a Free pick for you- Bulls in #NBA 8:45 AM Nov 17th from TweetDeck

L,   @tkradio – yeah man thats fine i did the SEC podcast FRI , free pick on the Ole Miss rebs ! get on em today call me for #NFL 9:32 AM Nov 21st from TweetDeck

W-@jayparlay yeah there is a bonus free pick for those sharp eyes at the web site I told the wildcat girls to take ARiZONA #BearDownArizona 4:24 PM Nov 21st from TweetDeck

L, @Wazzu_Tbone the NFL free pick from the podcast sat, is on the Texans , for monday night… it will be another big time win 8:41 PM Nov 22nd from TweetDeck

W, @gardner47 i gave out the cowboys as a free pick on the podcast earlier, #gobble it up 2:19 PM Nov 25th from TweetDeck

W @kstuddard todays free pick on the SEC podcast – GO ga dawgs + points  10:50 AM Nov 28th

W @tkradio MY Free pick for this week , from the SEC podcast is on the OVR in the SEC championship FLA/ALA 3:17 PM Dec 4th from TweetDeck in reply to tkradio

W, well im 4-0 oday after the browns cover & tonite the free pick is on the cardinals + points against the vikings

W, @jcarternc the free pick on the PODCAST was montana Grizzlies that i bet -3 here in vegas for saturdays play offs–GO GRIZ! 4:22 PM Dec 10th from TweetDeck

W, @winone free pick in the NFL this week is on the 49ers + points Mon night, free picks are on aHUGE run right now.. best bets 16-4 in #nfl 8:44 PM Dec 12th from TweetDeck

L , BOWLS start this week! If your not on the list for ALL bowl picks, the Free Bowl Pick : I bet the Oregon Ducks Over Ohio State-Rose Bowl 9:06 AM Dec 14th, 2009 from TweetDeck

Posted free picks last 6 months  or 2009—63-26-2…

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