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Sports betting is LEGAL in Las Vegas, NV… that’s where I make bets..IF you want to know what I am betting……I can text my bets to you.

You deserve to win more bets this season!! Originally from the Pacific NW, I went to U-Dub in Seattle, I moved to Nevada & have a place in California I  am a successful sports bettor,  National Sports Talk Show Host,Spiritual Advisor,  &  Consultant.  I am Not a sports service, i do not have  “800 numbers” or ask for your credit card, NOR do  i ever have a Game of the year, or a game of the month with 50 stars. You deserve the best football Information for  this season, UPGRADE to Football Jesus… contact me anytime. phone or text, 702-498-4377.  or email

I am a consultant, people do pay me for consulting on sports betting-Im helping them to maximize gains and minimize losses. Sports services just sell picks- I do much more than that… if u just want picks, there are places that will send u picks... I only work with the right people , I choose to work with, as what I do isn’t for everyone each person is different, and gets different advice, including which games to bet, and how to find value., and if they want to know what i am betting in las vegas, i pass that along.
I have limited space for clients, … Again-What I do is not for everyone I’m not a service , I have no staff of sales people, so I don’t have room for  everyone, just the right guys- after I speak with them , if I think i can help them, I will work with them. You can see that sometimes I post bets i have made for the public’s entertainment,  The bets i have made that i posted here , by text and  byTwitter are still here, ( see:ARCHIVES )
Any One bet I post today , tomorrow or next week wont change my overall record or past performance,

nor will it affect to any great extent ALL the best bets i make this weekend, or this month-which like previous weekends or months  most likely be 60-70% again,

  • 2007 Football season bets 69% ATS, 303-138-10
  • 2007-08 Basketball season Bets 121-75
  • 2008 Football season bets 298-142-13, 67%
  • 2008-09 Basketball season bets, 252–115-2 ATS
  • 2009 Football Season 209-118-10, 64%
  • 2009/10 NHL/Basketball 392-240-13
  • 2010 Baseball 256-153-3
  • Finished in 1st Place in ViewFrom Vegas MLB handicapping contest
  • 2010 WORLD CUP 27-10-4
  • 2010 Football Season 325-178-10
  • 2010/11 Basketball/NHL 291-155-7
  • 2011 BASEBALL 155-140-6
  • 2011 FOOTBALL 277-136-17  after Superbowl
  • 2011/2012 Basketball/NHL 396-166-11 & 7-1 In NBA finals
  • 2012 Baseball 209-101-2
  • 2012 Football  242 -119-2 after SUPER BOWL
  • 2012-13 Basketball  : 364-157-5  and 28-12 playoff run
  • Baseball 2013 133-87-1
  • Football 2013 season 188-122-8 : cashed 41-10-1 last 7 weeks season,
  • NHL/Basketball 2014 143-64-2  53-18-1 in playoffs
  • 2014 WORLD CUP 25-17
  • Baseball 2014 : 157-74 + Giants to win WS
  • Football  season 2014  214 103-2
  • BOWLS/ NFL dec 18-jan 12 41-21
  • Hoops/NHL 2014/15 season 382-187-6
  • Baseball 2015  79-41-77 overall
  • Football 2015  Season  : 438-198-7
  • Bowl  Bets NFL since dec 1/ 89-32-1
  • NBA/NHL 2015/16 season 535-271-3
  • Baseball 2016 , 76-43-1 into WS
  • Football 2016/17  251-124-12,
  • Basketball/NHL 2016/2017 : 272-148-6
  • Baseball 2017 :So Far  MLB -193-127-4
  • Football 2017 season after super bowl, 333-170-7
  • BOWL PACKAGE 2016, 2017 131-55-2,
  • Basketball/NHL 2017/18 FINAL  332-168-8
  • Baseball 2018  INLC world CUP so far 178-86-6 aft GM 1 WS
  • ROSE BOWL BETS 28-7-1 last 28 years
  • Football season FINAL  2018 320-154-11 18-4
  • super bowl LIII bets 18-4
  • Basketball/NHL 2018/19 356-166-5
  • NBA/NHL Post season 2019 107-47-2,
  • BASEBALL 2019 175-77-2 
  • Football Season 2019 FINAL 352-169-3.
  • Basketball 🏀/NHL 🏒 best BETS  257-99-7
  • Baseball  ⚾️  2020 ?
  • Football 🏈 Season 2020 33-12 after DRAFT

Free picks this year 2020 127-40-1 so far 75.4 %


If you would like to UPGRADE to best bets I make in 🏈 football or possibly 🏀 or ⚾️ or THIS summer if the come back …, I will provide the best INFORMATION. From vegas get the games I bet  OR ask me about  my opinion on ANY matchup…then send me a text or call me I will talk with you.

You & I can determine if it will work for you and me both. You do get to speak directly with me almost 24 hours a day… I will tell you why I did or did not bet any game.  I work closely with each person I consult on their financial matters and they are happy, profitable,and smarter, if they follow what I tell them. I make sure they have made more money.

Call me , I will be happy to go over it with you, IF you want a REAL source you can SPEAK with in Vegas, and will tell  u the BIG money Moves EARLY in the week..when Big bettors like me get the best numbers… Most of my clients in the US and overseas, cannot afford a losing money so like me they usually make money every week with my advice.., and for them and me , that means A LOT of money, so it is important that the information I provide helps them Let me know your situation,  and if I think you have what it takes, and I have enough space for you, I will get you turning profits , instead of losing your investments each week.
I don’t work for free, but the investment you make with me will pay off  this season.

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  25. Please text me your plays.
    Do you have a trial to check out your service?

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  44. Hey Jesus Do You Have a Twitter Account?

    Thanks John

  45. Cameron Mitchell

    Have really enjoyed following you on twitter. I am always interested in advice and you input on NBA games and this up coming Super Bowl.



  46. Cameron Mitchell

    What’s going on today? 407 790 0936

  47. Looking to get your free picks via text or twitter or fb. Let me k ow how. Thanks.

  48. Hello, I know this might be a stupid question, but does anyone know the number to Las Vegas to make sports betting wagers. I tried to search it on the web, but it kept leading me to hotel resorts. I called like ten different numbers. Thanks.

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  51. Looking to get your free picks. Let me know how. Thanks.

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  53. Give me your contacts or email i would like to buy tips from u sir.

  54. I lost my bets when i was using money for registering for exams pliz help

  55. I lost my bets when i was using money for registering for exams pliz help…….+263733922838

    • footballjesus

      you will have to send me an email, the email address you provided does not work send an email to myfootballjesus@yahoo

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  57. Hi there I want to say thanks for your free picks they make me extra money each month .Iam not a big bettor hopefully one day I can afford your expertise in the games you bet.Iam thankful I found an honest guy like yourself that actually wins his free picks ,keep up the great job there I look forward to your picks each day thank you for your time Jim

  58. Hi I was wondering if I can get the free plays text to me thanks Jim.

  59. I like to sign up for free picks by text message thanks Jim.

  60. Can I get your AFL picks for tonight?

  61. Hi Iam not a big bettor been following your free plays what’s the cost to get your free plays sent to me every day . Do you have like a monthly package thanks Jim.

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