Football Bets are Back for 2021

free picks posted here                                                    


FOOTBALL 2021, NCAA CFL & NFL 187-86

BasketBALL 2021, 39-14

FREE picks by TEXT message  240-109-1

I’m a SPORTS BETTING ARTIST IN LAS VEGAS, MY ADVICE to Bettors of FOOTBALL Baseball : if you have a Job & family=YOU CANT make a profit betting EACH day unless you do it FULL TIME =200 teams injuries, virus, etc w/o HELP you are Crazy =get my help OR someone else its like doing your own dentistry  or trying to fix your own car  BAD RESULTS  hire someone to do it for you= text me directly NO SALES PEOPLE

ALL BEST BETS  at discount due to China Virus   

        text me directly for details

TEXT : 702 498 4377  Email: 

What I do is NOT for everyone but contact me to discuss your situation. There are Free picks available by text message ..just Contact me…If you are a serious bettor -who wants to win MORE–YOU can Speak with me Directly – a consultant that YOU can call anytime personallyin Las Vegas .–TEXT me 702-498-4377 or send an email to

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