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HERE We Go no hoops no baseball! Still make money


April/May/June All of Donald’s Nieces!!! & time for bettors to make money!! serious bettors make money with me !!!! MADNESS, yes!! But still text best bets daily and will have all the BEST BETS I make in vegas sent RIGHT TO YOUR phone as I make em so you get the BEST betting lines available.


ALL Basketball 🏀 /NHL 🏒 bets 254-99-7 71% this season

Football 🏈 BETS 20-7 in 2020

Basketball/NHL 93-30-1 73% 💵

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Football is back? X F L!

The XFL 🏈 2.0 is up and running for 10 weeks I will have bets on weekends you can get em free with my basketball 🏀 bets call me or shoot me a text

2/10/20. The books threw out totals on a whim each game posted a 40 most got moved to 51

We caught em with their pants down