Monthly Archives: May 2013

Conference Finals in NBA – $$$

BEST BET + FREE pick for SUNDAY in NBAI gave out a Free Pick on Spurs to win series vs Memphis.. lets hope it does well …FREE pick cashed in on Memphis to win series vs OKC and NBA playoff best bets now on 16-4 run last 2 weeks. I still have Future bets pending on HEAT to win the east and the finals,  and will be watching the Memphis/Spurs series intently..there are good opportunities to make $$ in this series especially on halftime plays the I can text u .. Baseball continues to make money as well i have best bets daily on MLB + free picks.

NBA Play Offs !

football Jesus NBA picks 12-4While baseball bets continue to do well for me in Vegas ..There is always money to be made in the NBA play offs, and Round One was another good one  for us bettors in Vegas and I have More Good bets coming in rounds 2 and 3 before we get to the finals..   Memphis will be a good opportunity to make some money and could make it to the Finals where they likely face the Miami Heat… i will text out my best bets EACH day for the rest of may, if you would like to get them .. just let me know.