The NFL’s worst by far by Celia Roche

It’s never nice being last. Ask those Miami Dolphins fans that endured a 1-15 season back in 2007, where they went 13 games before overcoming Baltimore in overtime for that sole victory. Or even Detroit fans four years ago, who boasted Calvin Johnson’s 1,331 yards but still went 0-16.

This season we have two teams seemingly determined to claim the title ‘worst team of 2012.’ Exactly halfway through the regular season, both Jacksonville and Kansas City are leading the NFL betting odds to finish last in their divisions and become the embarrassments of the sport. Few can understand quite what their respective fans are going through and recent results suggest neither side is ready to end their misery.

Both by NFL news writers .teams are doing their utmost to be crowned the worst side in the country

Both are 1-7, both are on a five-game losing streak and both average less than 17 points per game. They are bottom of their respective divisions and are fast becoming an embarrassment for the AFC.

In Week 9, the Chiefs fell 31-13 to a disappointing San Diego (4-4) while the Jaguars went one point better in their 31-14 loss to Detroit (also 4-4). The stats say Jacksonville truly are the worst so far: last on average points, last on yardage and last on passing yards. Quarterback Blaine Gilbert has a pass completion percentage of just 58.0 and has been sacked 18 times.

Meanwhile over in Kansas, keeping the ball is not so much of a problem. 357.5 average yardage and ranked third in rushing shows the Chiefs are able to maintain possession, but just cannot convert once down field. 0-3 at home, 0-4 in the division and 0-5 in the conference shows just how far behind their competitors they really are.

Sadly these sides won’t meet this season, for that game would be a calamity on a huge scale. Yet the way they are going there should be a playoff after the regular season to confirm who is the worst this season: a game no one would be able to call.


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