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Football FREE picks now 10-2 into week 4

More Free winners on the way this week, after I posted TWO free picks last week- BOTH cashed in .. Football bets doing VERY well this season, – GREAT week in NFL last week hitting 4-1 ATS  Sunday + Free pick won on Monday. Good bets on the Vegas board this week – Ohio State/Michigan State Texas/Oklahoma State,  Oregon state /Arizona


Free picks now 8-2 in Football after MONDAY

Another Free football winner Monday on Falcons I gave out on Podcast & posted here, MOnday night football bets are now 4-1 – I win when it counts... More this week OR get em early by text message.. I think we will see MANY more UNDERs now in NFL this week after the last 2 weeks.. and – Just an FYI -for specific BETS to cash in on this week _ call me

Free picks are still on a roll – get on em week 2

Another Free winner I posted here for week 1 on JETS, bring bringing the Free picks to 7-1 in football, 7-3 on last 10 , and 70-31 in 2012 so far.. More on the way if you want em by text – let me know ..

BEST bets in NCAA football also cashing in Vegas at 16-6-1 so far, I already made a GREAT bet for early games before Saturday , & have a handful of good bets I made early fro SATURDAY, + some EARLY NFL bets for Sunday you can get Now- take advantage of the good betting lines NOW, if your a serious bettor.


NFL week 1 Starts WED

TWO free winners I gave out this past wknd in NCAA football, Free picks now 7-1 in Football, NCAA bets go 8-3-1 to start the season. Overall Football bets now 44-19-1 in Arena/CFL/NCAA … This week the NFL kicks off and I will have more Free picks, and plenty of BEST bets you can get on NOW before the lines move further by the weekend. I cant work with EVERYONE, but serious bettors or returning client contact me .

Opening week of NCAA and NFL week 1 are always good times to get the BEST betting numbers and beat the books, as they will make many adjustments the following week. and I make baseball bets each day + 70 units on the season so far.