My Bets in MAY FREE if your on List For JUNE

I’m Ready for Round 3 in NBA and the Stanley Cup Finals this weeknd, My future bet on KINGS is looking great, I have HEAT to win the EAST +125 on a future bet and Spurs to win WEST at 6-1, that I sent out FOR FREE in DEC.

IF anyone wants all my insights on how to bet these FINAL Conf Series hit me up for a PODCAST or email me .. Good chances to make Plenty of Money on TOTALS in Games 1-3, Plus some good sides in thing go right..check with me daily.


3 responses to “My Bets in MAY FREE if your on List For JUNE

  1. What are your wins/losses for 2012 and the actual units made? You keep accurate records for your free picks why not all your bets?

    • footballjesus

      Most bets are close to -110, i dont bet BIG $2.00 favorites in baseball games, and almost ALL Futture bets ( like spurs last DEC ) are at odds like 6-1 i dont bet baseball games higher than $135 to win $100 and usually UNDERDOG bets anyway… its to confusing for average joes to worry aboyt units, but at 69% for the year WE ARE MAKING $$$ for sure

  2. Thanks, so how about the raw win/loss record in 2012 which even the average joe will understand given the juice is around 10%.

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