Monthly Archives: November 2011

FREE picks have cashed 7 in a row

Another Free pick cashed in Tuesday
night with Loyola Marymount winning outright vs StLouis.. Free picks on nice run 16-3-3 last few weeks, Basketball has been a BONANZA in the first three weeks, 39-18-3, but I have always done really well in basketball- last year we closed out the season 66-26-7, 72%, NBA is scheduled to start Xmas day- so Good month to get on for basketball, or get on the text list for the whole season now and miss nothing. BONUS BET on Thursday Night Football Eagles/Seahawks !

Monday Night Football

More Free picks this week- Including MNF-The NFL saved the best matchup of the week for last,  for us to watch on Monday Night! There is also 2 Good bets in College Basketball Monday and I will have more basketball bets all week long  Looking ahead to this weekend , its Championship Week for football, as many conferences will finally crown a winner and send them off to the BCS or other Bowls. The bets I made last week for College Football  cashed in 7-4 …

Week 12 Football Best Bets

Another Free win I gave everyone on Thanksgiving – Ravens Cash Big Time in Vegas- I also Cashed in on TEXAS thur night..More free picks on the way this week  Free picks have cashed in 14-3-3- last few weeks!  College Hoops bets rolling along as well.. Great Bets this Saturday in college football,  many lines way off  for these games, -More GOOD underdog bets for this week, and some UNDER priced favorites in terrific spots playing teams that are OUT MATCHED. Don’t get suckered in the NFL me directly…

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

More FREE picks this weekend to make you money on Thanksgiving, FREE picks 12-3-3 over the last month–or get all bess bets for the BIG day Thursday/FRI/SAT/SUN- texted right to your phone including basketball, now 29-12-3 to start the season, -THE BEST time to make money in Hoops while the books are trying to catch up to us pro bettors in Vegas. I already have several bets for the weekend if you need em early contact me ..and ask me about ANY game you want to bet on.

Basketball bets in Vegas STILL doing well

Another Free pick won Sunday with Eagles in NFL. Also cashed Free pick in College Basketball Free picks I posted go 3-0-1 this weekend, and 12-3-3 last 3 weeks…Basketball now 24-11-2 ATS as we usually get the best of the books when season starts, it just takes awhile for the sportsbooks to make the right numbers with so many college basketball teams, professional bettors like me have done our homework for past few months.

Busy weekend for Football Betting in Vegas

Free pick on Broncos wins Thursday, last 13 free picks I sent out have cashed 10 & lost 3…I have some really good bets in Football Sat/Sun- One game has a betting line OFF by 4 points + Free pick in NFL coming, GREAT bet on Sunday Night Football.MORE Free picks on the way  in basketball as well.

Thursday Night Free winner

Some of the best bets of the season are on the schedule this week..I have a handfull of really good football wagers in Vegas if you need em , including Thursday Night Football.. Its a GOOD time to get on Football List and get all my bets throogh Thanksgiving weekend...Last 12 free picks are 9-3…

NFL week 10 Bets in Vegas

Another Free Winner Saturday with Oregon  &  I have a Free  pick for Sunday-Good bets in NFL and also College Hoops.
NOW is a good time to make money in Basketball now 7-1-2 so far…or get the REST of the bets I make in Football thru the Superbowl,Free Picks have cashed  8 of the last 10 in vegas…

Great bets in Pac 12 This Saturday

Good win THUR on Under in Raiders/Chargers + 2-0 in NHL–I have at least TWO good bets in NCAA football this sat, BOTH in Pac 12, including FREE pick on Oregon Stanford game... but am also looking at Florida/SoCarolina Alabama/MissState  and ND/Maryland, which I bet Earlier. NCAA Fball bets are on 17-6 run.  Friday has some Good College basketball Bets im  on In Las Vegas, so far Hoops bets are 4-0-1,


NFL is back on Thursdays

NOT just NFL football Thursday- But MORE NCAA football for us to Cash in on  – so far last 2 weeks 17-5 in vegas ATS..+ I have Great bet for SAT Oregon/Stanford– I always do well in Pac 12 games.. this week I have THREE Im looking at cashing in on…Good Bet on Thursday night Football if you need it.