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FREE Best Bet pick for NCAA

MORE free winners this week- I texted out Free pick for NCAA football+NFL free pick will be coming up on podcast, IF your not on text list then GET ON IT.. if your serious you should get all BEST bets I make in vegas- I met with MANY other big bettors in vegas Tues and we all agrre this will be BEST weekend YET to make BIG $$–Great bets on BIG time games this week.. Bama/FLA…  UW/UTah …MissSt/GA …..Clem/VaTech + good ones out west ..

Rolling into Monday Night

FREE Podcast pick wins again, thanks to Seahawks..3 winning days in a row and  on a roll into Monday Night Cowboys/Redskins- check out PODCAST i did for my break down – should be great game.. but Im already looking at week 4 lines  and getting good bets in EARLY … so call me Monday to get the best information from vegas. still time to get Football Text list for  all bets bets in October.-Get Baseball Playoffs FREE

Get all bets Im making for week 3

Cashed another MNF win , not really surprised that Giants won game, not the best matchup, but entertaining game… GOOD bet for week 3 this week, I already sent out the FREE pick for this week — so everyone could get the good betting lines.. Thats what Pros like me do in Vegas- bet when the numbers are good cashing in 5% more each season.. ALSO – stay away from betting UNDERS– all NFL games just seem to go over LATE..It may take awhile for things to even out…Everyone who gets on OCTOBER football list- gets THIS week as a BONUS.

NFL Monday Night Pick

Wk 2 in  football another big success Saturday in Vegas…Big wins on Clemson, Miami,Florida, Navy overall 9-4-2 SAT. Sunday another Free pick winner  on Sunday Night Football…cashed  in with Falcons + points .. I told u line was off by 5 points IMO..Good bet in MNF as well..- Call me

Football Bets go 74% ATS in week1

 Great start right out of the gate – cashing big time bets in week 1- Including the FREE pick on Ravens who crushed the steelers.. On to week 2 , and while the lines just came out monday– I already made big time bet on a game in NFL for sunday. Doing research all week on the best bets in NCAA football- this weeks PODCAST here:

Patriot Day Sunday- NCAA bets go 5-1

Great start to season in week 1 NCAA going 5-1, including UDub Huskies in weird helmets–my only loss was Notre Dame – but what a game, On to NFL sunday, I have several Good bets – still time to get on text list, most people just dont know what to look for, -I do, thats how i make a living. Free picks on podcast with Toby Knapp-

NFL kicks off this week!

Now is the time boys! get on this weeks NFL best bets I make in vegas , already this summer 44-20-5 ATS in vegas…I have Future bets to win NFC, and AFC, and Superbowl the last few years I have liked the Cowboys/Chargers this year I belive the final four will be Patriots/Chargers/Cowboys/Saints, but the Falcons will be good, so will the Jets, and the Browns could be a big surprise…I do not expect the Packers to make a repeat appearance. I call it Chargers/Saints in SB46