Be Ready to bet EARLY in wk 4 CFL

Free picks on 8-3 run after Yankees win Sunday, + free pik win on Winnipeg in Week 3 in CFL which went 3-1 ATS, now 13-5-1 season, &   25-9-1 overall with CFL I cant stress enough how important it is to bet the BEST numbers in CFL, NFL or even NCAA, football.. it means winning an extra 4-5% over the course of a season, you must be ready to bet when the lines are Posted in vegas or wherever you bet, dont wait till the line moves 1 point, why get +2.5 when u could have had +3 ? or bet UNDER 51 when it WAS 52.5? You have to know the key numbers in football totals, & while the “rouge” throws off a bit in CFL, you still need to be aware of betting lines if you BIG Money. Week 4 lines will be out in the next 24 hrs at various spots and will text out what I bet in Vegas.

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