CFL starts off BIG for bettors in Vegas

More free football wins over weekend-Excellent Week 1 in CFL- as 3 of 4 games went UNDER the totals, and ALL underdogs covered the points, meaning the smart bettors like me in Vegas made a killing at the sportsbooks. Since I started betting Football on June 1, bets are 17-5-1 ATS, and FREE picks 3-0 in Football so far. After week 1 , Montreal still looks the BEST team in the league if theye stay Healthy, and RoughRiders coaching change didnt seem to work out well. But in 1st 2 weeks there is always value betting underdogs as EVERY team thinks they have a chance is is generally healthy. Betting CFL is just like betting NFL, there are different rules on field and player talent, but getting the right information and betting GOOD numbers is always the way to make a profit.


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