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Lockout is Over – NFL bets start Aug 11 !

Lockout is over, and rosters are being shuffled everyday, I have been speaking with many sources and its clear some games for week 1 in NFL and FUTURES you will want to get on EARLY..

I will be spending almost all of the days for the next few weeks getting what i need to  make a Profitable 2011 in NFL, and NCAA… even tho this summer has been very profitable in Arena and CFL.

CFL week 5… NFL EX games coming SOON !

Free pick on Sunday got the Money again in Vegas – as Marlins beat Mets.. CFL bets go 2-1 in wk 4 , CFL bets now 15-6-1,  CFL & Arena at 28-10-1. Montreal had cruised to 3 double digit wins in 1st 3 wks, the line was just OVER adjusted + they were clearly going to take the riders for granted. I will have wk 5 bets out soon if you need em. ALWAYS get on good bets EARLY.

Be Ready to bet EARLY in wk 4 CFL

Free picks on 8-3 run after Yankees win Sunday, + free pik win on Winnipeg in Week 3 in CFL which went 3-1 ATS, now 13-5-1 season, &   25-9-1 overall with CFL I cant stress enough how important it is to bet the BEST numbers in CFL, NFL or even NCAA, football.. it means winning an extra 4-5% over the course of a season, you must be ready to bet when the lines are Posted in vegas or wherever you bet, dont wait till the line moves 1 point, why get +2.5 when u could have had +3 ? or bet UNDER 51 when it WAS 52.5? You have to know the key numbers in football totals, & while the “rouge” throws off a bit in CFL, you still need to be aware of betting lines if you BIG Money. Week 4 lines will be out in the next 24 hrs at various spots and will text out what I bet in Vegas.

FREE Football pick wins again in CFL

Another FREE winner Thursday with BlueBombers + points getting the money for us in vegas, CFL bets now 12-4-1 , 24-8-1 combined with arena bets..More this weekend in week 3, MLB free pick also cashed thurs on Rockies, 2nd half MLB is always MOST profitable, and you gate all my MLB bets as bonus when u get on Football List for 2011. CFL betting is alot like NFL, you have to  know the players and when the point spreads are WRONG, like the big money bettors like me in Vegas do..IF you are serious call me , I will tell you what happens in Vegas- and exactly what how the line got manipulated on Calgary/Winnipeg game- if you know hats going on.. you can cash in with US.

CFL : So Far in 2011, Montreal is STILL the best

Another FREE winner I posted Sunday on Nationals who shut down Rockies, Free picks still cashing about 69% in vegas.. CFL week 2 was not as profitable in Vegas as week 1, but still CFL is 10-4-1 in 2011 +  22-8-1 overall with Arena Football, which went 1-0 this week. Montreal is CLEARLY the best team in the Great White North, they have the best talent and no other team looks close. I would say Calgary has the best chance to beat them. Winnipeg got the GIFT of turnovers AGAIN and that’s why they are winning, the biggest surprise has been Eskimos, who have started 2-0, after being the worst team last season. Contact me for WEEK 3 bets in CFL + more Arena Football.

CFL starts off BIG for bettors in Vegas

More free football wins over weekend-Excellent Week 1 in CFL- as 3 of 4 games went UNDER the totals, and ALL underdogs covered the points, meaning the smart bettors like me in Vegas made a killing at the sportsbooks. Since I started betting Football on June 1, bets are 17-5-1 ATS, and FREE picks 3-0 in Football so far. After week 1 , Montreal still looks the BEST team in the league if theye stay Healthy, and RoughRiders coaching change didnt seem to work out well. But in 1st 2 weeks there is always value betting underdogs as EVERY team thinks they have a chance is is generally healthy. Betting CFL is just like betting NFL, there are different rules on field and player talent, but getting the right information and betting GOOD numbers is always the way to make a profit.