NBA Finals bets 5-0 so far in Vegas

Even though I have been cashing in Vegas on the Finals, I spoke with many other big money bettors Monday, and we may be sitting out Game 4, and come back STRONG in game 5, which could shape up to be a better spot to make a big bet. Unders have been great but sportsbooks dropped the total by 3 more pts for Game 4 , & Mavs in good spot for a win , but should be favored by more than 1. Big bettors in vegas look for advantages and mistakes, game 4 doesnt seem to provide that, and if we do bet it -the big money wont come in toll right before gametime in game4.

I bet the Heat to win series after Game 2 getting very cheap price, as I did not want to be laying points in Games 6 or 7, Linemakers will pad the Heat spread in Maimi by at least 2 extra points, meaning we may get a good chance to bet Mavs + points in Miami. I’m always looking AHEAD and you should to if you want to make $$ in vegas like the big boys.

FREE pick won Monday on Devil Rays–Free picks 10-2-1 last 3 weeks-MORE baseball bets coming with NBA Finals…

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