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Canadian Football starts June 30 – EH ?

Football is Back  – Ok its CFL…, but a good way to make money betting in Vegas IF YOU KNOW the CFL- and I do...-If you listened to the Rouge Radio podcast last year in 2010- CFL bets 20-8 reg season 6-2 Play offs. I will be firing right out of the gate again.. Get on the list for FOOTBALL 2011 , and get  MLB bets texted to you each day- you dont even have to bet all of em, bet the ones you like – theres no charge. + you will get BEST BETS in Vegas for the CFL each week. Only the ones I bet BIG on.

NBA is OVER .. On to Football and MLB, WNBA

What a Finals! the best I have ever done in Vegas cashing 9-1 ATS at the sportsbooks. Not to mention my Future bet on Mavs+280 to win NBA title..Overall my bets in NBA in 2011 cashed 167-65-2 , finishing the playoffs on a 31-6 run. Time to take a blog break till  July All star game. Early Lines already up for College Football at Golden Nugget, FREE pick I bet Georgia + 6 right out of the gate, there is a Free Pick.

Still perfect in NBA Finals $$$

FREE pick I posted won THUR  with  OVER in Game 5 NBA.. 11-2-1 last 3 weeks-and 7-0 on best bets in NBA finals so far- even better than last year. The big bettors like me Really do the right research checking  Referees, history, and nailing the situation for Each Game.. Game 6 in Miami should get us a Big money win in Las Vegas – AGAIN. I encourage any serious bettor to contact me by SUNDAY.  OR get on text list for FREE picks so u get directly.

NBA Finals bets 5-0 so far in Vegas

Even though I have been cashing in Vegas on the Finals, I spoke with many other big money bettors Monday, and we may be sitting out Game 4, and come back STRONG in game 5, which could shape up to be a better spot to make a big bet. Unders have been great but sportsbooks dropped the total by 3 more pts for Game 4 , & Mavs in good spot for a win , but should be favored by more than 1. Big bettors in vegas look for advantages and mistakes, game 4 doesnt seem to provide that, and if we do bet it -the big money wont come in toll right before gametime in game4.

I bet the Heat to win series after Game 2 getting very cheap price, as I did not want to be laying points in Games 6 or 7, Linemakers will pad the Heat spread in Maimi by at least 2 extra points, meaning we may get a good chance to bet Mavs + points in Miami. I’m always looking AHEAD and you should to if you want to make $$ in vegas like the big boys.

FREE pick won Monday on Devil Rays–Free picks 10-2-1 last 3 weeks-MORE baseball bets coming with NBA Finals…

Winners keep on Winning

Free picks on win streak after Thursdays FREE pick I posted on Mets, Free picks on 9-1 run and 71% in 2011, More on the way this weekend. Besides MLB more big money bets in Vegas on NBA Finals…I cashed in THU on Mavs and am 4-0 in FINALS so far…The big money bettors in Vegas know the Mavs have been terrific money makers ATS, but so have the HEAT, especially at HOME, if the series goes back to Miami – Lebron and gang have a great chance to cut down the nets, but I think Mavs will win 2 of 3 in Dallas, and that will make South beach much more interesting next weekend. Which 2 will they win ? If you are a serious bettor- call me!