NBA Bets for Finals in Vegas

More FREE winners! FREE pick I posted Monday cashed  with Texas Rangers–Free picks have cashed 7 of the last 8 .. More coming…

Starting Tuesday The NBA Finals get underway and this year will have a NEW champion, Both teams have star players and players who have been in Finals before, BUT before you start tossing money around in Vegas to bet the NBA- check with guys like myself who bet for REAL in Las Vegas. listening to ESPN talking heads or Charles Barkley wont cash in for you very often. The point spread is the great Equalizer, so is the 7 game format REMEMBER teams are trying to win series NOT necessarily every game, or trying to go OVER or Under the total- you better get some good information if you want to win.

IN 2010 in the NBA playoffs- I cashed  9-2 on series  bets, 10-2-1 NBA FINALS Games. NOW…155-64-2 in 2011- (70%), 7-3 in my series bets in Vegas going 22-5 to close MAY.. Now many professional bettors like me took FUTURES on Teams earlier in season to WIN NBA championship. Miami was +225 on Feb 18th to win the title. I did take a piece of that, But i will make MORE MONEY if Dallas wins, as They were as high as +280 to win NBA title in Mid MAY, and looking REALLY good sweeping Lakers.Most Big Money guys I know that didnt bet Dallas early, DID take em +180 when series line posted, Dropping the HEAT to -170.. The Price on Mavs is better than it should be, but Myself and other Big Money Bettors feel Heat is slightly better team…I was hoping Mavs would face the Bulls, but I still think this series will go 6-7 games no matter who wins, and the 2-3-2 Format will hold the Key. SO will GAME 1 Tuesday – Call me before you bet that game!


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