Heat in the LEAD for NBA Title

More Free Winners – Saturday I gave everyone the Under in Game 3 of the Mavs series… and cashed in Big Time ! My NBA bets are the BEST in Vegas: so far in May –19-8 & 151-61-2 in 2011. If you want to WIN money – call me 

Miami was the favorite in Vegas among most Bettors and Oddsmakers, when Conference Finals began, and now that they have  HCA, in their favor vs Bulls, they are still the favorites. The Mavs took most of the big money bets before the series and are well on their way to winning the west, I bet em to do so and took em +280 to win the NBA title.

Miami is now pick-em to win NBA title.. should they face the Mavs, Dallas would have motivation to beat them from the past

With  Haslem back for Miami– the Heat are better and have HCA. If you like the HEAT to win title, the pk em price is better now than it will be..Big money bettors are all over the next game.


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