How to Cash Bets in NBA this weekend

Some rules to go by in NBA playoffs- when Charles Barkley says something, there is an 87% chance he is WRONG,.. I dont think it will be that easy for the mavs to get rid of Lakers…other things you HAVE to know about is to AVOID the “Zig-Zag” method, From 2001-2010, even if you bet the BEST betting numbers, bettors still cashed only 51% of the time… there are OTHER dynamics involved in the NBA playoffs– like Injuries-many times there seems to be a lack of adjustment , and its not all the book’s fault. The public is very skeptical of injurys, feeling they are usually overated, and because many times the players show up and play anyway…ALSO many of the teams still in the playoffs were just poorly priced to begin with, teams like MIAMI, Memphis, and Atlanta were UNDER valued, while the BULLS may have topped out in regular season, Boston is being exposed, and Lakers have YET to get interested in the playoffs.


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