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NBA Bets for Finals in Vegas

More FREE winners! FREE pick I posted Monday cashed  with Texas Rangers–Free picks have cashed 7 of the last 8 .. More coming…

Starting Tuesday The NBA Finals get underway and this year will have a NEW champion, Both teams have star players and players who have been in Finals before, BUT before you start tossing money around in Vegas to bet the NBA- check with guys like myself who bet for REAL in Las Vegas. listening to ESPN talking heads or Charles Barkley wont cash in for you very often. The point spread is the great Equalizer, so is the 7 game format REMEMBER teams are trying to win series NOT necessarily every game, or trying to go OVER or Under the total- you better get some good information if you want to win.

IN 2010 in the NBA playoffs- I cashed  9-2 on series  bets, 10-2-1 NBA FINALS Games. NOW…155-64-2 in 2011- (70%), 7-3 in my series bets in Vegas going 22-5 to close MAY.. Now many professional bettors like me took FUTURES on Teams earlier in season to WIN NBA championship. Miami was +225 on Feb 18th to win the title. I did take a piece of that, But i will make MORE MONEY if Dallas wins, as They were as high as +280 to win NBA title in Mid MAY, and looking REALLY good sweeping Lakers.Most Big Money guys I know that didnt bet Dallas early, DID take em +180 when series line posted, Dropping the HEAT to -170.. The Price on Mavs is better than it should be, but Myself and other Big Money Bettors feel Heat is slightly better team…I was hoping Mavs would face the Bulls, but I still think this series will go 6-7 games no matter who wins, and the 2-3-2 Format will hold the Key. SO will GAME 1 Tuesday – Call me before you bet that game!

How to win Money Memorial Day Weekend

Another Free winner I posted Thursday on Oakland A’s- Cashed in + FREE pick I gave out on HEAT to win series cashed Thursday- free picks winning 6 out the last 7 and 70% in 2011,

NBA finals are coming soon, and this has been the MOST profitable season to date for me in Vegas -155-64-2 in 2011 70% wins.. I will have a run down on what the big money guys here in vegas are thinking and what I think about the Finals in the next few days..My series bets are 7-3 in Post Season-70%. Closing May on 22-5 run in NBA.

Heat in the LEAD for NBA Title

More Free Winners – Saturday I gave everyone the Under in Game 3 of the Mavs series… and cashed in Big Time ! My NBA bets are the BEST in Vegas: so far in May –19-8 & 151-61-2 in 2011. If you want to WIN money – call me 

Miami was the favorite in Vegas among most Bettors and Oddsmakers, when Conference Finals began, and now that they have  HCA, in their favor vs Bulls, they are still the favorites. The Mavs took most of the big money bets before the series and are well on their way to winning the west, I bet em to do so and took em +280 to win the NBA title.

Miami is now pick-em to win NBA title.. should they face the Mavs, Dallas would have motivation to beat them from the past

With  Haslem back for Miami– the Heat are better and have HCA. If you like the HEAT to win title, the pk em price is better now than it will be..Big money bettors are all over the next game.

Interleague Play begins in MLB

Another Free pick I posted cashed Thursday on BlueJays..5 of the last 6 free picks have cashed in..Starting Friday we have interleague play in baseball, with some good matchups and many chances to win more bets in vegas , belive me -the big Money bettors in vegas LOVE interleague games.. if you want to ride along – get on the MLB list for 2011…

NBA bets in Playoffs ROLLING in Vegas

FREE pick Tuesday win on Mavs -points in vegas , NBA bets now on 12-1 run, 148-61-2 in 2011, im getting some of the BEST information in NBA all year, and i can text to you if you need it- call me,Baseball went 2-0 TUE, now 24-8 in MAY..GREAT bet WED in MLB and a good one in NBA_ call me if u need help!

NBA Bets cashed 9 in a row in Vega$

Another Free pick I posted Cashed in Friday night with Grizzlies winning to Force game 7 in OKC. It was a great spot for a good effort from Memphis, after Game 5, which was NOT a good spot for them after the Triple OT in game 4.

Looking ahead to Sunday, we will get Game 7, and im rooting for Thunder to close it out , I have a series bet on them to advance past Memphis, We also get Game 1 in the Heat/Bulls eastern Conference finals. Most Big Money bettors in Vegas feel HEAT is the better team, but not all of em, especially because Chicago won 3 games in regular season, and have home court advantage, but taking the HEAT to win series , they can avoid laying points with HEAT in  Miami.  AND how will Miami react when they are DOWN 0-1 or 0-2 or 1-2 ? So Far they have never trailed in a series, I expect the Bulls to give em a punch or 2 in this series But I do  have a future bet on Heat to win the east +105, and I think they advance past Bulls. My NBA bets have cashed 9 straight, and 145-60-2 in 2011.

My NBA bets on 8 game win streak

Free pick I posted on Miami Heat wins , as Lebron, Wade & gang advanced  wednesday to face the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals …I did win my series bet  Thursday on the Bulls to advance as well, & cashed on the UNDER in Game 6- bringing my win streak in Vegas to 8 straight bets I have cashed in Playoffs, 144-60-2 in 2011 in ALL NBA bets.I will have some good analysis on BOTH West & East Finals in the coming days,

Baseball FREE picks 70% in 2011

ANOTHER free pick winner Tuesday nite with LA Angels winning as a small also went 3-0 as Indians topped Devil rays-FREE picks in MLB now 70% in 2011- EVERY bet I make in MLB is a small favorite or Underdog,, I never lay -1.5 runs or bet BIG heavy Favorites,.. thats how Big money bettors in vegas make money and some TEAMS make $ for vegas bettors and some teams DONT.. I also won again in NBA playoffs TUE with BULLS covering the spread, Lets root on that FREE PICK on HEAT to win series THUR, NBA bets are 70% in 2011 on a 6-0 win streak this week

How to Cash Bets in NBA this weekend

Some rules to go by in NBA playoffs- when Charles Barkley says something, there is an 87% chance he is WRONG,.. I dont think it will be that easy for the mavs to get rid of Lakers…other things you HAVE to know about is to AVOID the “Zig-Zag” method, From 2001-2010, even if you bet the BEST betting numbers, bettors still cashed only 51% of the time… there are OTHER dynamics involved in the NBA playoffs– like Injuries-many times there seems to be a lack of adjustment , and its not all the book’s fault. The public is very skeptical of injurys, feeling they are usually overated, and because many times the players show up and play anyway…ALSO many of the teams still in the playoffs were just poorly priced to begin with, teams like MIAMI, Memphis, and Atlanta were UNDER valued, while the BULLS may have topped out in regular season, Boston is being exposed, and Lakers have YET to get interested in the playoffs.