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Free Basketball Picks 14-3 in 2011

Another Free win Monday night as the Nets cover the points in OT ! If you bet $300 on every basketball FREE pick I posted- bets I actually make in Vegas-you would have a profit of $3210 in 2011, heading into the MOST profitable month of the basketball season- MARCH !

Last March 2010:

NCAA conf Tournaments 2010 : 31-13-1 70% ATS
NCAA Tournament 2010 : 24-11 69%

Ride the Win Streak into MARCH!

ELEVEN Free Wins in a row posted right here! I’m winning MORE basketball bets in Vegas this year than the last TWO, Im working harder and getting better information.. and my # 1 RULE : Don’t bet Bad Numbers in basketball!! Im ready to double my winnings in MARCH.

TEN Free Pick Wins in a Row !

Another Free winner wednesday night in NBA..thats TEN in a row now..if you only bet $300 on each one you would be up $3000 by now...

Who ISN’T  betting these bets I make in Vegas ?

I will have a good bet on the NBA All Star Game this weekend..+ lots of good bets THU/SAT in NCAA hoops…call me for details.

Streaking into the Final Stretch of FEB

FREE basketball Picks on 9 game win streak, 70 % in 2011.. .as MAGIC beat down the Lakers Sun..Also a Big time Win for me in Vegas on the Celtics, winning outright as a underdog against the Heat….the TV “Experts ” just dont know how to guage the basketball at this point in theseason, they dont get the information Big Bettors like me get in Vegas… More coming this week..jump on the basketball list now-and win ALL Feb bets are a BONUS if you reserve NOW for March.

Get on March Basketball List- get FEB FREE

Another Free winner FRI night with 76ers + points winning straight up… basketball Free picks have won EIGHT in a ROW, and 10-2 overall this week on Best bets I made in Vegas…time is now to get all FEB bets I make as a BONUS, if u reserve EARLY for March as the list will fill up for NCAA tournament. last TWO years SWEEPING all games in Final Four.

Basketball finished 69%  in JAN and it will be even BETTER..Big money bettors in vegas have the advantage on Books right now..time to ride along before MARCH gets here..and Build the bankroll.

Basketball main Focus now in FEB

Another Free winner Mon night with Rockets + points winning straight up…..I will be taking some much needed time off from blogging now that Football is Over…But cashed in on many bets in Super Bowl, including 65% of my propostion bets , for a very good day..

Basketball finished 69%  in JANA few spots left for FEB basketball

Super Bowl Weekend

Basketball went 3-0 Thur, including 2 underdog plays in Pac 10, as Oregon wiped out wazzu getting the big $$..I also made several more Proposition bets in the Supoer Bowl for Sunday…and will post more here by gametime, I Still like the Steelers to cover the 3 points  in vegas. here is a good prop I bet: Packers John Kuhn UN 7.5 rush yards in super bowl..I will text out FREE picks over the weekend,

Busy Day Betting On Super Bowl XLV

Free picks have won 7 in a row, and 73% in 2011, so far, I will be texting and posting a few more before Super Bowl Sunday…Each year I make MANY bets on the Super Bowl, once in awhile I lose on the side or the game total, but when it comes to Proposition bets , I have always come out VERY well, thats where the BIG money is made in vegas, I will have the MOST money. I bet in Football all season on the super bowl, 95% of em on Proposition bets, Yes I like Steelers if u can get + 3,( i did) ..THE REAL money in Super Bowl is made on the Prop bets NOT THE SIDE when its its THIS CLOSE…Call me by saturday if u want to know which team will Cash for you Sunday… FREE prop bet : Longest Punt Packers Tim Masthay Over 54.5 yds-