Superbowl Proposition Bets

Another FREE winner WED night in NBA . .More free winners coming for the Super Bowl! Last year on Super Bowl sunday I gave out TEN Free winners on the Day… I will be texting MORE over the next 10 days or so for Super Bowl XLV -Like this : I bet UNDER 23 in the 1st soon as it gets posted in Vegas I will bet that there will  be NO OVERTIME, which I have never lost.

Basketball is on 7-1 run this week, 20-4 in the last 7 days. 49-19 in JAN…BIG money win on BYU – points over SDSU wed


One response to “Superbowl Proposition Bets

  1. Hello…..I hope you got my EMail.. Marky Marc…work with SID ROSENBERG at 560WQAM in Miami. Please Advise…from this point on…Sid salutes your selections. Id like the texts daily…and would like to Chat…Best Regards…Marc

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