NFL Divisional Playoffs

Free pick for the play offs coming for this week. . I have Future bets on the  Patriots to win the AFC….while in the NFC I have Future bets pending on  Bears, and Longshot on Seattle…If Seahawks and the Packers win this week, they will meet in SEATTLE for the NFC championship, but that isnt likley…Now is the time to get on the NFL list for all Post Season games + Superbowl, including ALL proposition bets I make in Vegas, each year…big $ makers

Here is this Weeks  NFL playoffs podcast where Toby Knapp  of HOT 99 FM in wash DC- asks me my opinions on this weeks games


One response to “NFL Divisional Playoffs

  1. What a great last weekend of football, hope this coming weekend isn’t as tough to pick as last weekend! This is why we love the NFL and why we love sports. I guess everyone was shocked to see the Seahawks come up with that huge win against the Saints. Hawks showed their good bi-polar side, but that was partly due to them being at home, or so i think lol. Jets are clutch again with Sanchez doing his thing and Manning really didn’t come up big as he generally doesn’t in big games. Ravens defence was freaking monster against KC and I was defs sad to see philly lose cuz i love to watch mike vick play. Still, great games all around. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you think.

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