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Its Media day at Super Bowl!!

BIG Bet in basketball on TUE, plus I’m texting many Super Bowl XLV Proposition bets this week….AND I will text several of my bets in Vegas to ALL guys on the Free picks list…DONT fall for sucker bets on Super Bowl! listen to the pros like me in vegas who WIN BIG each year on Prop bets..I know how to win sunday….and you can can have em is One for FREE :
Total #Packers to have Rushing attempts – I bet OVER 4

Superbowl Proposition Bets

Another FREE winner WED night in NBA . .More free winners coming for the Super Bowl! Last year on Super Bowl sunday I gave out TEN Free winners on the Day… I will be texting MORE over the next 10 days or so for Super Bowl XLV -Like this : I bet UNDER 23 in the 1st soon as it gets posted in Vegas I will bet that there will  be NO OVERTIME, which I have never lost.

Basketball is on 7-1 run this week, 20-4 in the last 7 days. 49-19 in JAN…BIG money win on BYU – points over SDSU wed

Free Pick wins again! Ready for Super Bowl!

ANOTHER Free pick win Sunday with Steelers, 5th straight winner, If your not betting the FREE picks, what are u waiting for? ..They are FREE..of course u can get all the best bets I make in basketball each day, texted to you if u want to, 10-2 this past weekend...Yes I like Steelers if u can get + 3, but I also have some Money on Packers Moneyline -130…I already Bet Steelers+3, I will stay with em, i thgink thats the way to go

FREE picks are Streaking again

THREE more FREE winners in a row this week in basketball, including Friday night’s free win I texted on the Hornets + points in ATL..which won 100-59...I saw this spot coming on the schedule…and there are more coming up, 94-58-4 this season.. so now is the time to get on Basketball List for 2011, before its fills up by February.

I have a FREE pick for Championship Sunday in NFL..Jets at Steelers and in the NFC Packers at Bears. Listen to this weeks NFL Podcast- I did with Toby Knapp of Wash DC’s HOT99FM, He got all my Free picks on Champ’ Games SUN in

Bring on the AFC Championship!

Another Free winner I gave out in the play offs- with STEELERS -3 vs the Ravens…overall the entire weekend went 4-2 in football, 9-3 including basketball bets I made in Vegas… basketball is BOOMING along at 12-5 last week…

Free pick this week in Football, I bet the Steelers-3 AGAIN, vs Jets, getting the good line now, as it will likely go up by gametime….

And the Experts picked…WRONG

If they would only CALL me they would get the right picks for the play-offs,

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Free pick for the play offs coming for this week. . I have Future bets on the  Patriots to win the AFC….while in the NFC I have Future bets pending on  Bears, and Longshot on Seattle…If Seahawks and the Packers win this week, they will meet in SEATTLE for the NFC championship, but that isnt likley…Now is the time to get on the NFL list for all Post Season games + Superbowl, including ALL proposition bets I make in Vegas, each year…big $ makers

Here is this Weeks  NFL playoffs podcast where Toby Knapp  of HOT 99 FM in wash DC- asks me my opinions on this weeks games

The “Big” Experts on NBC get it WRONG again

Another Free winner for SUNDAY!! Saturday my bets went 3-0 in NFL- the SEAHAWKS , JETS+ under in the JETS/Colts-get the Money in Vegas–, even tho the talking heads on EVERY network said the Saints would win, they just DONT KNOW FOOTBALL, and certainly wont win anyone any money…ALL football Bets are FREE if you are on the basketball list!

Wild Weekend ahead in the NFL

Another Free winner sunday…starting off the 2011 year  1-0 with win by Seahawks… you can get on the text list for Free picks so u never miss one…and get em directly to your phone all year long…last year the free picks finished 70% and +80 games…

THIS week we have the wild card week in the NFL..TWO teams are favored on the road..the Saints are -10 in Seattle , the Ravens -3 in KC…while the home favorites are Philly-3 and Indy -3…if u want all my bets I make in vegas for the playoffs- let me know…this past football season I cashed in with  13 winning weeks, 6 losing weeks and one was a push…

basketball is also rolling along 65-39-4, as I step up with the college basketball bets this month..

NFL week 17 + Free pick

Excellent Bowl season! I Bet TCU-2 to win Rose Bowl and they came thru….there is still a FREE pick on the BCS championship u can bet on … but here is this weeks podcast for NFL week 17 + free pick !