Im Ready for the Bowl Season!

More free winners this week ! In the last 20 ROSE bowls I have Cashed in bets on 16 of em..its always one of my better bets of the Bowl Season— I also took advantage of many opening lines in the Bowl Games for College Football…the last 2 days I have been sequestered in “Bowl Game Mode” gathering as much information as I can and crunching the numbers, as I see this being the BEST Bowl Season for making winning bets in about 3 years…

  • in 2009 December Football was over 68% in the NFL alone. previous to ’09 :
  • 2008 BOWLS 20-9
  • 2007 BOWLS 18-8-1

Free pick for Bowl Games : Take Oregon + the points vs Auburn


One response to “Im Ready for the Bowl Season!

  1. don’t bother buying his rose bowl bet.
    Wisconsins is gonna ROLL over tcu easy.

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