Monday Night Football+ BCS Title is Set

Good weekend for me in vegas betting football and basketball ( 3-0 sat & Sun), although the NFL could have been better..I cashed on the Bears/Lions game, and Cowboys , lost on 49ers and the free pick on Tampa lost in the end as well..

Monday night  we get a treat with Jets/Patriots.. WOW- dont even need to bet this just watch it! But there is a Good bet Monday Night- check with me if u need help.

One response to “Monday Night Football+ BCS Title is Set

  1. Thankfully this is the last season of the old college football bowl system. The conditioning process of saturating December and January with bowl games over a month, which will become playoff games, the breaking of traditional bowl games belonging to certain conferences, the creation of the official college football championship game, and everything else that has occurred this past decade, is over. College football playoff 2011-2012 here we come.

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